Investigating Muscle Fatigue

Suzanna Stenger


Explanatory: When comparing dominant versus non-dominant, the dominant hand will be more efficient and last longer.

Prediction: The dominant hand will be more successful and long lasting.

Null: There will be no difference between the two hands.

Alternative: The non-dominant will be more successful.


As time increased it became more and more difficult to fully open the binder clip.

Shortly After

The sheer effort required to open the clip caused the metal to be pushed so hard into the flesh that it left indents.


Constant repetitions had a larger negative effect on the non-dominant hand.

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This activity showed me just how easily muscle fatigue can set in. Although aerobic respiration is nifty when there's a lack of oxygen, it doesn't provide the cells with a lot of energy and it can create a harmful environment if oxygen is not introduced to the system.