Phenominal Woman

by Maya Angelou

Explication (situational and literal)

Maya describes how she has power as a woman. She talks about how she is inferior to no man, but a man is inferior to her. She describe how people see the confidence in her because of the way she walks and the way she talks. She also says that people want to know her secret to being successful and she tells them that it is her confidence.



"They swarm around me like a hive of honey bees"

Personification: "...The joy in my feet"

She gives many examples to say that she is not perfect but successful and people wonder how she does it.

Musical Devices

Rhyme Scheme: aabaacdedfghi

Maya Angelou is the speaker


13 lines in the first stanza

16 lines in the second stanza

13 lines in the thirs stanza

3 lines in the fourth stanza

15 lines in the last stanza

In Loving Memory of Maya Angelou

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