Guide to Bunburying

By: Grace Burgess

What is Bunburying?

Bunburying is getting away from your life and pretending to be someone else for that short period of time. Leaving your old life to become this person for just a week or so, going back and fourth between these two lives.

Why become a Bunburyist?

Why wouldn't you become a Bunburyist? To get away from your life and become someone else, that can do what they please. Don't you want to live a dream life? Well becoming a Bunburyist is creating that life that you have always wanted.

What to Get when becoming a Bunburyist

  1. Different names
  2. Different phones
  3. Different address'
  4. Different bank accounts

Bunbury as a Family Member

  1. Tell people you have a family member
  2. Make sure it is someone that would be important to you so people don't ask too many questions

Creating your Bunbury

  1. Give a reason to people why you have to visit them all the time. (Sick, in hospital, etc.)
  2. When you need breaks from your life, visit them.

Why should my Bunbury and I be very Different?

You and your Bunbury should be so different that nobody will even notice you are that other person. That is the whole thing about Bunburying, you don't want anyone to know that you are leading a double life. if you are just putting on different clothes with the same hair style and the same personality, people will figure out that you and your Bunbury are the same people. You have to really overdue it, different hair, different personality, even a different style of talk. Either an accent, slang, or really proper.

How to Become a Bunburyist

  1. To become a Bunburyist you will have to create another identity that you will have to go and visit often.
  2. Make that person a family member that is sick or has problems so other people won't have to ask you why you visit them so much.
  3. Get different names, phones, address', and bank accounts.
  4. Make make sure you don't live in the same general area as your Bunbury. Make sure you actually get away.
  5. Be very organized and don't get your identity's mixed up.

If you become a Bunburyist, Prevention to Problems is Important

To prevent problems is important when you are a Bunburyist because you don't want people to figure out that you are leading a double life. They might see you differently if people find out. So, taking steps like planning your day before you do anything will be essential in this process. Also, be organized. Sometimes it is hard to be organized when you have two different lives going on, but if you slip on who you are at that time you might give yourself away. Nobody wants that, so keep yourself in check and make time to plan and get organized.

List of possible problems one could encounter while Bunburying

  1. People might find out you lead a double life
  2. People might then view you as a lair
  3. You might get arrested and they figure out you are someone else
  4. You might say something from your other life and give it away
  5. You might get in a situation you can't get out of without giving yourself away

List of how to prevent the problems above

  1. Have different phones
  2. Have different bank accounts
  3. Never get confused on who you are at that time
  4. Make plans of your day before you do anything
  5. Make sure you respond to the right name at the right time
  6. Don't slip up on who you are
  7. Behave yourself
  8. Have come-backs of what to say to get yourself out of sticky situations

Good Luck on your Bunburying Experience!

Following all the steps above will give you success in Bunburying and lead you to the fun of having two lives and two different personalities. You will have so much fun having two lives and living the dream through your Bunbury. Good Luck!