The Coyote Trail

~All you need to find your way this week~

This makes my heart smile...

Thursday was a day of every emotion. We started the day surprising and announcing Katheryn To'Afa as Cox teacher of the year with bells, family, pictures and a congratulatory walk down the school hallway. Congratulations, Katheryn. We are all so proud of you and agree that you are most deserving of this honor.

We ended the day finding out that the unimaginable had happened to a member of our Cox family. The passing of Kristen has been very difficult for all of us but it also reminds us to enjoy each day with each other and share joy and love along the way. Tomorrow will be a difficult day again as we are all adjusting to a new normal on campus. Please let us know if there is anyone, teacher or student, that needs help. There will be several counselors on campus to help.

Biscuit will also be on campus for us to love on and to visit the students of Ms. Well's class. I know that seeing him safe made me so happy and I know that seeing him will bring smiles to the kids faces as well. Thank you to Pam Perkins for picking him up and Patricia Benitez for welcoming him into her home.

Also, we have several people to thank. Our lunch Friday was all donated by several businesses on a last minute's notice. All of this was coordinated by our wonderful PTA. We also had many counselors and district leaders here to support our teachers and students. We will have thank you cards by the teacher boxes for you to sign to give to the companies and individuals who helped during our time of need.

I hope you were all able to rest this weekend and love on your friends, family and "furr" kids. I know that this week is going to be a great one. I love each and every one of you and look forward to hugging your neck tomorrow.


Important events this week...

Monday, Jan 11- Sports and Hip Hop dance after school

Tuesday, Jan 12- Sachse Teacher Luncheon 11am

Wednesday, Jan 13- PLC's, Science fair lab 2:30-3:30pm

Thursday, Jan 14- Science Fair projects due and judged, Chemical Engineering, Honor Choir practice

Friday, Jan 15- Coyote Howl-Out, Science fair project pick-up after howl-out, End of 2nd nine weeks

Monday, Jan 18- Staff and student Holiday, No school

Tuesday, Jan 19- Art week, 21 day Healthy Snack Challenge assembly 7:45-8:15am, Rhythm Rockers, Coyote Code, District Science Fair

Wednesday, Jan 20- Mapping your Future Day (Grit Day), Early Release

Thursday, Jan 21- Chemical Engineering, PTA General Assembly Meeting and Healthy Eating Night

Friday, Jan 22- Coyote Howl-Out

Don't forget to share the flyers attached to the email with your families. These include one that allows families to celebrate student birthdays on the marquee! Thank you.

21 day Snack Challenge

A reminder from Sara and Niki:

The PE departments at all the elementary schools will begin promoting the 21 Day Healthy Eating Challenge on Monday January 11th. We will be putting signs outside and hanging a banner inside the school along with other signs.

The 21 Day Challenge shows students how to snack to healthy and replace their unhealthy snacks with fun and tasty healthy snacks. Each student will receive a cookbook with healthy snack ideas when they sign up online. This has to be done at home with a parent.​They will also get to sign the banner in the school. They can begin signing up on January 25th and last chance to sign up is February 14th.

This is the link:

We are in competition with all the elementary schools in WISD. The school with most students to sign up and complete the survey on Feb. 29th thru March 6th will win a free lunch for their campus. Also we are in competition with Rockwall ISD and Dr. Vincent really wants to win! Oh, and yes the students will get a cinch bag, a watch and a yo, yo when they complete the survey also.

We will have an assembly with Leo the Lion on January 19th at 7:45 to help kick off the 21 Day Challenge.

The district will provide us with a video that we are hoping to show during lunch time instead of the announcements one day. We are also planning on doing a little taste test on the announcements for each day of the 21 day challenge.

If you have time take a look at the website it is pretty impressive with their healthy eating options. The WISD culinary students help develop this years cookbook and we are hoping to have them come to our Campus on January 21st at 7:00 pm to demo some of their goodies. This is still a work in progress. :)

If you have any questions please ask Niki or myself we really want to promote this and get as many students to sign up as possible.

January Teacher of the Month...

Big image

...Katheryn To'Afa!!

Mapping your Future Day

Kristen shared details of this day during our staff meeting Wednesday. If you have any questions, please let her know. All teachers do need to make sure they have taken the strengths survey on the attached form before Wednesday, January 20th. You will be sharing your strengths with your students that day. Thanks!