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Uhland Elementary School

Amanda Muro, Principal

Javier Gonzalez, Assistant Principal

Alejandra Valdez, Assistant Principal

Isabel Marquez, Counselor

Front Office Hours: 7:00 am-3:30 pm

Student Day: 7:30 am-2:55 pm

Important Campus Reminders- Daily Deadline for changes:

  • 1:00 pm for transportation changes
  • 2:00 pm for early pick-up

A message from Mrs. Muro!

I hope you enjoy your long weekend with your Roos. We will resume classes on April 11th.

Coffee Chat

We will be hosting a coffee chat on April 14th so we can discuss uniforms for the next school year. We want to hear from parents and determine some pros and cons about having students wear uniforms. With the information we collect from parents, we will then send out a survey and come to a determination as to whether or not to continue uniforms in the coming school year.

Bus Tags

Please remember that Smart Tags are mandatory for students to wear at all times.

Bus riders MUST have their tags when boarding buses. We had over 2300 students in the district who did not have their tags on any given day. This is really slowing down bus routes since drivers have to manually verify students who are boarding the bus. The more students without a bus tag, the longer it takes to get students on the bus. Students also will need them to check library books and they will soon be used for lunch. Please please please make sure your kids are wearing their bus tag/ badge every day! You can purchase a replacement by sending the student with $5 to the front office and one will be made for them.

Below is the link to Smart Tag registration. Thank you!

Select District - SMART tag™ Parent Portal


Morning Drop Off

Parents, please drive slowly in the school parking lot. Watch for students, parents, and staff members crossing the street. After dropping off your children put your eyes back on the road so can see who is on the road in front of you.

Also, as a reminder tardies start at 7:29. An administrator will put out the signs for parents to park and walk their students into the building. At this time, our support staff goes inside to start their day with their students. If you are tardy and the signs are out, please park in a parking space and walk your students into the building. This will make sure your student walks into the school building safely. Thank you for keeping our Roos safe.

Thank you for everything you do!

Amanda Muro

Proud Principal of Uhland Elementary



2022-2023 Uhland Elementary's Teacher of the Year - Mrs. Jessica McMahon

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This school year our staff nominated and elected Mrs. Jessica McMahon as Uhland Elementary School's Teacher of the Year. She is a 3rd-grade bilingual teacher. She is a wonderful person to have at Roo Nation and does everything she can for her students. Congratulations again to her.

Moments to Celebrate 🙌

Tips to help support your student's academic career!

  • Talk to your children about what their job is at school - to learn as much as they can so they can be successful adults. 🏆
  • Don't plan to travel long distances during the school year where you risk not making it back to school on time. Your student is missing valuable teaching in all contents. 🚙
  • Send students to school regardless of the weather. We have guidelines in place to help keep students cool, warm, and safe while at school. ☔︎
  • Have an alternative plan for transportation if emergencies occur. Attending school with consistency is best for your students and their future.

Reminders 🤓

Lost & Found

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Roo Nations lost and found pile is getting pretty large. Please stop by if your student is missing a lunch box, bottle or jacket. We will be donating everything not picked up by Monday, April 24th. Thank you!

Upcoming Events at Roo Nation 🙌


  • Staff Workday/Student Holiday - Apr 10
  • Volunteer Day - Apr 14
  • Wear your College TShirt - April 14
  • Librarian Appreciation - April 18

  • CLT Mtg - Apr 19

  • Camp Champions - Apr 19 - 21

  • Earth Day, wear green - Apr 21

  • Bus Driver Appreciation - Apr 25

  • STAAR Reading Test for 3, 4, 5 - Apr 25

  • Front Office Appreciation - April 26

  • Wear your College TShirt - April 28

  • Teacher & Staff Appreciation Week! - May 1-5

  • STAAR Math Test for 3, 4, 5 - May 9

  • MAP testing window opens - May 15 - 25

Wright this Minute - April 12