Change the way you live

What is Unknown?

It's a community which brings young people of Hyderabad together.

What is it all about?

  • To change the way people think and live.
  • To make life simpler and smarter.
  • To help each other.
  • To learn from each other.
  • To unite for a good cause.
  • To resolve a issue in our neighborhood.

Who can join?

Any one who is 18-25 years of age and; is or has been a resident of Hyderabad.

How you can Join ?

Just Fill this Simple Form


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If have an idea or a suggestion to make it better, ping us.

* You will be accepted into the group as per the membership rules mentioned at the end of this form.
* As this is just the beginning, improvements shall be made.


For Example If you have seen broken roads on your daily route What would you do ? Just blame someone or scold someone and leave not only you anyone would do the same but no one thinks how to get it back to normal condition in less time. Everyone has their life to take care of so they won’t find time to do all these things. You can change this no we all together can change this without deviating from our routine just spending time on Facebook usually we get nothing but time waste but we can put forward it for a some good use. What happens if one person reports this situation to respective department they may be just knowing about it but what if many people at a time reporting about the situation would do they may react to it.All you gotta do is just take a snap of it post it in the community and add some details then the reset of the community would report that using mail or phone.This way we can change lot of things and create a better community for ourselves and others. Its Just beginning of change we can see Lets do it guys we do it and we can do it.This is just one problem which is shown to you so that you can understand our motto and what's your responsibility of being a HUMAN.

This is for your motivation

The Script - Hall of Fame ft. will.i.am