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Friday, April 19, 2013

Poetry Pads and Poetry Fun!

We have been learning more about the traits of poetry. After each poetry lesson, students write their own poem in their Poetry Pad. Each night I have been reading through the poems and publishing model poems for the Poetry Place outside of our classroom. We will continue to have fun with poems through the end of April!

Class Calendar

Did you get a copy of the class calendar? It was sent home this week, and it has several important events listed for April and May. If you need an extra copy, please let me know. Tonight is the Daddy Daughter Dance and Monday, I will be attending the Governor's Education Summit!

Partial-Products, Lattice, and the Old School Method (US Traditional)

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Our Week in Review

Writing: In addition to learning more about poetry, students have also enjoyed writing creative stories. We have been focusing a lot on precise words. This week students took the DWA (Developmental Writing Assessment) and wrote about animals.

Reading: We have revisited summary writing, and students are in book clubs. In addition, we worked on reading with expression and rhythm in poetry. Mr. Hester has purchased eBooks that are on the Glengary website. Have your child show them to you...they are great! We read/listened to a story about Henry Ford titled Model T, and then we had a discussion on Today's Meet.

Science: Today we dissected fruit and veggies to observe the properties of seeds. On Monday, we will be creating mini-sprouters.

Social Studies: This week we learned about immigration into Michigan. We read books about the Underground Railroad, watched videos about the mining and lumbering, and we discussed the rise of manufacturing in Michigan. In addition, students researched different countries and their immigration stories. The BA will be next Thursday and the study guide was filled out today.

Math: The kids LOVE using lattice multiplication. Keep in mind that you can watch videos that show problems being solved using a variety of algorithms on I have also posted a Show Me video on edmodo. It is beneficial for kids to watch these videos to gain more exposure to the problem solving methods. Today we created a Show Me called "The Partial Products Party!" We had students act as factors and all factors need to meet each other when solving a multi-digit multiplication problem. It was not cooperating when trying to upload it, so I will try and work on it over the weekend to see if I can add it to edmodo.

Responsibility: We had a class meeting today to discuss responsibility and respect. There has been a lack of care from a number of students when it comes to classroom materials. Please reinforce respect for materials at your house. Students should know manners, not stepping on items that are on the floor, picking things up that are on the floor, putting things back in their place, washing hands, etc.

Have you checked Skyward for your child's report card?