The Curious Incident

of the Dog at Night-time

THE MAIN CHARACTER ( Character Analysis)

Christopher John Francis Boone is a very logical 15 year old boy. He feels that it makes him feel safe if everything is in order.He knows "all the countries of the world and their capital cities and every prime number up to 7,507". He hates all yellow and brown things.

Christopher has an inability to maintain strong emotional connections. Therefore, Christopher cannot empathize. He is brilliant, he can do any kind of math in his head. Christopher finds chatting pointless or any kind of social interaction. It is not specifically mentioned in the book, but he has autism. He is extremely sensitive to object in his environment; but insensitive to the people in his environment. He has a difficult time understanding body language and other social norms. He is amazing at writing or drawing maps.

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Mainly Swindon, England (where Christopher lives) but later London when he runs away.

Two main settings there are his home where he lives with his father, his school, his street, his garden and Mrs Shears' garden, the train station, the train itself, the London Underground, his mother's flat, and the room his mother rents when they move back to Swindon in the end of the book.



In The Curious Incident of the Dog at Night-time, Christopher is isolated. He doesn't like being around people, really doesn't enjoy chatting, and does not like to be touched at all. When he wants to relax, he just crams himself into the smallest space he can fit into, and hangs out there for a few hours. However, he is deeply connected to the world around him. He understands things so clearly. and notices his surroundings in more detail. In fact, one reason he likes being shut into dark spaces is because he experiences the world around him so intensely. Being distanced from everything he is able to relax and process everything.The more isolated he is, the more connected he becomes.
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Three red cars in a row equal a Good Day, and five equal a Super Good Day. Four yellow cars in a row make it a Black Day.

Black Day means Christopher refuses to speak to anyone and sits by himself at lunch.

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After midnight, when the narrator, Christopher, finds Wellington, who belongs to Mrs. Shears dead on her lawn with a garden fork through its side. Christopher tocuhes the dog and observes that it is still warm.

Suspects of Wellington's murderer

  • Mrs. Shear
  • Someone who is close to Mrs. Shear

(Considering the poodle was killed with a garden fork)

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Christopher's Father does not like it that Christopher is investigating on this crime scene......


Maybe Christopher's Father knows who did it.....


Christopher's Father wanted Revenge.....
After Christopher got his detective book taken away. He decides to search for it.

Not only does he find his book....But

he also finds......


......APPARENTLY Christopher's Mother has been sending him letters.

Which also means his father lied about his mothers Death

  • Christopher's Father apologizes for lying, Also he admits that he was the one who killed Mrs. Shears' dog.
  • He admits he has feelings for Mrs. Shear

And He Killed Her Dog Because Mrs.Shears Didn't Want To Be With Him

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I really enjoyed this very engaging story told from the perspective of an autistic boy named Christopher. It was sad and hilariously funny too, especially considering that some of the narrator's behavioral problems are also seen in "normal" people.

It is heavy on the heart. We see how Christopher and those around him are affected by his autism. Reading these moments in the book was very engaging.