Understand, Plan, Solve, Check

U - Understand the question!

  • Read the question, graphics, captions, webpages, email, timelines, and other infographics to help understand the question.
  • Underline important information
  • Restate the question in your own words (paraphrase)

P - Plan

  • Identify what the question is asking. "What can you infer about the mongoose after seeing his motionless body, eyes closed, and mouth open with his tongue to one side?
  • How can you make an inference about the above question? Use your prior knowledge about the behavior of the mongoose and information from the story.

S - Solve or Strategy

  • Read each answer
  • Eliminate answers that do not answer the question
  • Reread - remaining answers
  • Does the answer you choose - Answer the question?
  • Give Proof - Paragraph/Sentence Number

C - Check

  • Evaluate the reasonableness of the answers
  • Reread the question
  • Does the answer - Answer the question?
  • Prove your answer - Paragraph # or Sentence #

UPSC is a simple strategy to use during testing.

Today you will practice using UPSC on questions from the Reading Warm Up!

Mrs. Schroeder

6th Grade Reading

Your Assignment for UPSC!

You will take one question from the reading warm-up using the following APP - Skitch. Think about the steps in the UPSC strategy. Choose a question from your reading warm-up and go through the steps to finding your answer. Submit to Mrs. Schroeder through email.