Let's Spring Into Spring Break!

Hey Patterson Team! I think we should have some fun!

Thursday...Honey Comb Challenge!

Every class gets a honeycomb! Hang it up in your class. You have been given 5 bees with your room number on them...cut out your bees into individual pieces. At different times during the day use tape to put a bee outside your classroom. Someone walking by can bring your bee back to their class honeycomb. Every class will send up their honeycombs at 2:30 and the class with the highest number of bees will win a class prize!

Friday...Show your Panther Spirit & wear your school colors!

See you at the Celebration Assembly in your red, white & blue!

Monday ...Celebrate a FLOWER POWER SPIRIT DAY!!!

Wear some flower power! Throw on a Hawaiian shirt, or wear clothing with flowers on them...You could even wear a flower lei! Spring showers bring May flowers!!!

Tuesday...Find an egg, keep it, gift it swap it!

There will be golden eggs hidden around campus with goodies for teachers. Each teacher can only redeem on egg. As you find additional eggs you can decide which egg you value the most and pass it on to another teacher! Feel free to swap your egg with a friend!

Wednesday...Spring into the Spring Break Salad Bar!

Come graze in the Patterson Garden in room 10! Enjoy a salad bar for lunch!

Thursday...Let's Play SPRINGO BINGO!!! & Spirit Day Alert!!

I will hand out bingo boards for each classroom to play along. Listen for the fun party tunes and mark them off as you hear them over the intercom! If you get a 5 in a row bingo send a student to the office for a a special gift for your teacher!

Spirit wear...Cool cats wear hats & sungalsses!