Civil Rights

By: Amanda Watts

Major Facts

* In 1954, the U.S. supreme court struck f=down the "separate but equal" doctrine that formed the basis for state-sanctioned discrimination, drawling national and international attention to African Americans.

*Some of the people who fought for the civil rights movement risked and sometimes lost their lives.

*The civil rights movement was often called the"Second Reconstruction".

*James Meredith was the first African American to enroll at the University of Mississippi.

Why i chose the Civil Rights

The reason i picked this was because this subject really catches my eye. Like us discriminating African Americans the way we did was absoultly terrible. I found the many people that stood up for what they believed in inspiring. So many of those people lost their lives for trying to stand up fir what they believe in i just don't approve how people handled things the was they did. This is the reason why i chose this topic to research.