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Dear Families,

What a wonderful week! A new start of a new for all. Seeing all of the smiling faces on screen and in-person is the very best. Thank you for your dedication and CARE, the partnership between home and school is strong and we are grateful.

Arrival and Dismissal - Car Drop Off/Pick Up

This has been very successful and working like clock-work. Thank you for adhering to the guidelines for safety. We will continue with our process!


There are many walkers and bikers for our afternoon dismissal. This large number of students offers challenge during dismissal. We will release walkers and bikers last after all cars have left the campus to keep safety first. If you are parking in a lot off campus, this does not designate you as a walker for pick up. Walkers and bikers are to be able to walk or bike to and from their home.

The car dismissal and arrival, from start to finish, takes approximately 11 to 15 minutes. This is less wait-time than the dismissal for walkers and bikers. Please choose car dismissal on campus if you are parking in adjacent parking lots and greeting your children.

Enjoy the weekend, it has been a full week! We look forward to seeing you on Monday.


Susan Woods


Important Dates


4/9/21 Nixon Spirit Day - Mismatch Day

3:00-5:00 Remote Student Materials Pick Up (Now on Fridays)

4/13/21 PTO Staff Appreciation - Spring Catered Lunch

2:35-3:35 School Advisory Council (SAC) Meeting

4/14/21 11:45 Early Release Day

4/16/21 3:00-5:00 Remote Student Materials Pick Up (Now on Fridays)

4/19/21-4/23/21 No School - April Break

4/28/21 Food Pantry Collection

11:45 Early Release Day

2:30 School Meeting Video Release

4/29/21 Food Pantry Collection

4/30/21 Food Pantry Collection

3:00-5:00 Remote Student Materials Pick Up (Now on Fridays)


5/3/21 PTO Staff Appreciation Lunch

5/4/21 11:00-11:30 Parent Coffee Talk

5/5/21 11:45 Early Release Day

5/7/21 Nixon Spirit Day - Crazy Hat Day

3:00-5:00 Remote Student Materials Pick Up

5/12/21 11:45 Early Release Day

5/13/21 9:00-9:30 Parent Coffee Talk

5/14/21 Nixon Spirit Day - Aim High

3:00-5:00 Remote Student Materials Pick Up

5/18/21 11:00-11:30 Parent Coffee Talk

5/19/21 11:45 Early Release Day

5/21/21 3:00-5:00 Remote Student Materials Pick Up

5/25/21 2:35-3:35 School Advisory Council (SAC) Meeting

5/26/21 Food Pantry Collection

11:45 Early Release Day

School Meeting Video Release

5/27/21 Food Pantry Collection

9:00-9:30 Parent Coffee Talk

PTO Staff “The Grande Finale” Appreciation

2:35-3:05 Leadership Meeting

5/28/21 Food Pantry Collection

Nixon Spirit Day - Patriotic Day

3:00-5:00 Remote Student Materials Pick Up

5/31/21 No School - Memorial Day

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Dear Nixon Families,
Please find below the specific schedule for the upcoming MCAS tests. These are the exact dates your children will be taking the exam. Please encourage your child to get sufficient rest the night before any tests, to eat breakfast, and to extend their best effort. Children should also be encouraged to bring a small water bottle to school; hydration is a key to concentration. It is imperative that all children be in school during testing. Please try to avoid any appointments or trips that will prevent your child from attending school. As of the drafting of this letter, we have not received guidance from the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education in how we will test remote students. More information will be forthcoming.

Information on the 2021 MCAS test requirements can be found here.

Grade 3 MCAS ELA

May 13th

Grade 3 MCAS Math

May 20th

Grade 4 MCAS ELA

May 11th

Grade 4 MCAS Math

May 18th

Grade 5 MCAS ELA

May 10th

Grade 5 MCAS Math

May 17th

Grade 5 MCAS Science

May 24th

Thank you in advance for your support and encouragement during the testing.


Beth Murray
Assistant Principal
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Thank You To Our AMAZING PTO!

The Nixon PTO welcomed all staff with fabulous CARE packages of goodies and acts of kindness. This made the start to the week feel extra wonderful. Thank you to our families for always supporting us!
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April Break Pooled Testing

Wednesday, April 21, 2021

8:30-11:30 AM

Curtis Middle School, 22 Pratts Mill Road, Sudbury

Sudbury Public Schools and the Sudbury Board of Health invite SPS students and staff to participate in pooled testing. Drive through testing will be supervised by trained observers. Students in grades 2-8 will self administer the test. Parents or caregivers will administer the test to students in PK-grade 1. Administration is easy and quick, as demonstrated by this video.

If you are interested in participating in the April break pooled testing, please complete this linked authorization form. The form will prompt you to print your response and bring it with you on the day of testing. The information collected will be used for contact tracing should a positive pool be identified. Please note, that a separate form is required for each testing participant, regardless of whether prior permission has been granted at the school level.

More information about SPS COVID-19 protocols and reopening is available on the district website.

Sudbury Public Schools COVID Pool Testing: Step-by-Step Nasal Swab Instructions (Students & Parents)

A Note About Nixon Coffee Talks - Paused

Nixon Coffee Talks will be paused as attendance is low.
Sudbury Public Schools: Let's Crack the COVID Case! COVID Pool Testing Prep for Kids | KartoonEDU