200 Meter Dash

By: Allison Scrivner

What is 200 Meter Dash?

The 200 Meter Dash is a sprint running event. On a out door 400 meter track. The race starts on the curve and ends on the home straight. The 200 meter dash more emphasis on speed endurance than shorter sprint distances.

Unlikely Match

Thought men and women do not compete together, both men and women have had amazing times in the past. With those past results, an analysis can be made. The analysis can lead to a variety of conclusions about the corresponding times.

The Objective

With the use of linear regression and methods of solving a system of equations, we can determine a specific trend between the men and the women results. Using this type of mathematics, we can create a conclusion on which gender will surpass the other's time at the event.


The data begins in 1976. As you can see the Olympics happen every 4 years. List 1 consist of the years. List 2 consist the men who was a gold medalist for that year. List 3 consist of the women who was the gold medalist for that year.

The Scatter Plot

The blue X's represent times for the women. The pink squares represent times for the men.

The Linear Regression (Lines of Best Fit)

Each line represents the trend for the men's and women's medalist times. The blue line represents the men trend line. The red line represents the women trend line.

At A Crossroads

As you can tell from the picture you can see that one of the lines are decreasing. You are able to see that the men are decreasing a lot faster then the women. The women are staying around the same time. The blue trend line (men) and the red trend line (women) were at the same point from around the first or second Olympics. It is very obvious that the male competitors are outperforming the female competitors.
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The X Coordinate

The X coordinate is the independent value. The independent value represents the years. 1875 is the year where both men and women have the same time.

The Y Coordinate

The Y coordinate is the dependent value. The dependent value represents the times. The intersection point had a y coordinate of about 22 seconds.

Interpretation Of X And Y Coordinates

Men are performing better as they are decreasing their times from 1875. Based on linear equation, in 1875 it was predicted that men and women had around the same time.


In 1875 it would have been 22 seconds for both men and women. The men are getting faster and their times are decreasing. Based on linear equation in 1875 they would have had about the same time. Now the women are slowly decreasing from 22 seconds, but the men are decreasing a lot faster then the women.
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