Adult First Aid/CPR

by Emma Matus

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Safety Tips for CPR

  • Place victim flat on his/her back on a hard surface
  • Look, listen, and feel for breathing (5-10 seconds)

  • Head-tilt/chin-lift - open victims' airway by tilting their head back with one hand while lifting up their chin with your other hand.

  • Check responsiveness by gently shaking a shoulder and shouting, "are you alright?"
  • If breaths won't go in, reposition head and try again to give breaths. If still blocked, perform abdominal thrusts (Heimlich maneuver)

  • Always call 911

Safety Tips for First Aid

  • For external bleeding, cover wounds with sterile bandage and apply more dressings and bandages until the bleeding has stopped
  • For conscious choking, give 5 back blows, and 5 chest thrusts
  • For unconscious choking, give rescue breath and then 30 chest compressions
  • For head, neck, and spinal injuries, minimize the movement of the injured part and stabilize the head
  • Call 911 or emergency number