How To Make a Cut Stop Bleeding!

Written By: Taniyah, Edited By Meghan, Clip Art From Google

I'm bleeding and I can't stop!

Calm Down, Buddy! You should know..

The amount of bleeding does not always indicate how serious the injury is. You could have a lot of blood coming out, but nothing really serious.

Here's some things you might need during cleaning a cut:

1: a band-aid

2: hydrogen peroxide

3: a wash cloth

4: (optional) a cookie (HAHA)

Here's what you need to do for minor cuts:

ƒ1:Wash you hands with water and soap ƒ

2:Wash the cut with mild soap and water ƒ

3:Remove LOOSE dirt or objects from the wound ƒ

4:Put pressure on the wound to stop bleeding ƒ

5:Bandage the wound if it is likely to get dirty

What if you get a larger, more serious cut?

Here's what you need to do:

Normally, if the wound/cut is large or deep, nurses recommend you to call them. Here's why.

1: Stitches could be needed.

2: The cut could get infected.

So I say if the cut is more serious than a little cut, you need to go seek medical help.

I hope this helped :D