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by: Ashleigh Bounds

Multplying and dividing rational numbers

When you want to divide look on the right side flip the fraction over then multiply .

When multiplying you multiply across .

Division can be written in fraction form a/b

When doing an normal number your just replacing it with an letter but you know what number it is like 4 divided by 2 = 4/2 you do this A divided by B = A/B like that simple


Means you would flip an fraction like 1/4 is flipped to 4/1

Greater Than Less Than

When you start with an low number like 7 you would round it up to 10 cause that is the number that it starts with 5 or more rise the score 4 or less let it ress

Absolute value

You have negative 11 you would have positive 11.

Opperation process

Models that explain intagers with an low number and a high number.

Add Subtract Multiply Divide Intagers

Add= On a number line it is going up like its going to

Subtract = -3 subtracted by -6 you would show it on the number line you would go up change sign add a line .

Multiply - Dividing = when the signs are different they are negative - if the signs are the same they are positive