Costume Scene Investigation

The 1930's


The 1930's is the era of the gangsters and light hearted, forward looking fashion. To Fedora hats and short bob cut hair the elegant describes the 1930's perfectly.

Women's Garments

The women of the 1930's wore clothing that were elegant and appropriate for a women to ware like:

  • Long sun dresses
  • Blouses and long coats
  • Skirts

Men's Garments

The man of the 1930's wore gangster like clothes that was dark and mysterious like:

  • Button down shirts with long over coats
  • Khaki pants
  • Tuxedos ( for special days )


Back in the 1930's the women wore hats all the time to shade them self from the sun. They wore big nice hats on the hot days or beanies in the cold. the men did not wear hats very often and only wore them on special days or on a trip somewhere.


In the 1930's bare feet was shamed, So the men and the women wore fancy shoes. The men wore loafers leather shoes that would be worn to work. The Women mostly wore flats but sometimes they wore high heels.


In the 1930's the men and the women did not wear much accessories, But sometimes the women would wear jewelry like brooches and necklaces and accessories like hand purses and parasols (Small umbrella . The men wore chain link cuffs or fancy watches but if the family did not have money no one wore any accessories.