App Smashing

by Dixie Smith

App Smashing: A Definition

App Smashing is the art of imaginatively using multiple apps to create an enhanced project.

There are no limitations ... let your mind and your students' minds soar!


Exploring Apps to Smash

Using project makers on the iPad is an axcellent way for students to demonstrate understanding, and most importantly make their thinking visible to others. Teach them how to use a few apps, then let them choose how they will share their learning!

  1. Use the Camera Roll as your main connection between apps.
  2. Leave the app choice to the students. (dice or spinner)
  3. Have a list of apps capable of smashing content together. (handout)

The CAMERA is basically the ultimate app smashing tool, allowing you to take a picture of anything you've created and "smash it" into something else with another app.

Intro to App-Smashing

Reasons to Use App Smashing

  1. It demands creative thinking.
  2. It demands more from the technology.
  3. It removes any restrictions to take a topic as far as it can be taken.
  4. It often results in more engaging learning products.
  5. It’s a fun challenge.

App Smashing in Math

Using real manipulatives or virtual manipulative apps on the iPad allows students a concrete way to show their thinking.

By taking pictures or screen shots of manipulatives, students can expand on the concepts in many ways. They can add their thinking by recording voice, making a movie, putting together some slides explaining the concepts, and so much more.

In the first example below, the students used Popplet and Educreations. In the second example, they used Make a Scene: Farmyard, then Skitch to annotate their pictures, and then added them to iMovie.

Big image
Horses Eating Grain

Student Examples

Now It's Your Turn!

We will now do a back-to-school activity using Word Clouds and Educreations.

1. Use Word Cloud to list adjectives to describe yourself.

2. Save your creation to your camera roll.

3. Upload your cloud to Educreations and narrate.

4. Have fun!

Big image

Happy App Smashing!

Thank You for Your patience with me! ~ Dixie