ROYAL REVIEW (8.20.2021)

To be Christ-centered in our words, thoughts and actions.


Welcome back to a new school year. We are very excited and blessed to have all of your children attending our school. We cannot thank you enough for charging us with the responsibility of educating your child.

When talking with the staff and the students the one clear theme that I spoke to them about is LOVE. We need to continue to love one another, no matter how hard or bad of a day that we are having. We need to demonstrate that same love that the commandments call us to: Love of the Lord and Love thy neighbor.

We will be walking along side your children this year and encouraging them in the classroom. We are going to challenge them and build their learning capacity. However, more importantly, we are going to LOVE each and every one of them.

Here's to a wonderful 2021-2022 School Year. Mary, Queen of Angels, PRAY FOR US!


For some, drop off and pick up can be a very stressful time. We would like to explain the procedures more in-depth and try to assist and alleviate any stress. Here are our drop off and pick up procedures:


1) Please pull all the way up to the end of the sidewalk if you are the first car. If you stop right in front of the school, there is a backup.

2) Do not allow your students to get out of the car if your car is stopped before the front door. We can fit about 5 - 6 cars at the sidewalk. Those cars can let children out, but after that, please wait. It is not always safe to let your child out, especially if they are in the passenger seat on the driver's side.

3) If your child does not get out of the car quickly, please park on the side parking lot by Irene Street and help them get out. You can then walk them to the sidewalk and one of the adults will help get them to the front door. PLEASE do not park in the main parking lot and try to walk over to the entrance. There are a lot of cars trying to drop off and this is dangerous.

4) Starting Monday there will be pylons put out. You must stay in the pylons and not pull around other cars. The pylons are there to make sure cars do not drive on the outside of them, and students can safely get out of the passenger door on the driver's side.

5) Please do not get out of the car to get your child out. We have adults outside that can help your child get out of the car. This can also cause backups.


After two days of school, you have experienced our pick-up procedures. Thank you for your patience with this. It really is a well-oiled machine. Our pick lines are usually completely done within 15-20 minutes. This is quite amazing considering the number of cars that are here. Here are a few things to remember about pick-ups.

1) Mrs. Simpson is calling students out to the cars. We are ok if you stand outside your car to watch or for your child to see you, however, please do not leave your car. This makes the dismissal a little more difficult.

2) Some parents walk up to get their child. We ask that you are patient, as we may not call your child until the end of the dismissal announcements. There are times we are able to call them a bit earlier than the cars leaving, and we will do our best to do that.

3) There is an adult staff member that will stop cars from pulling into the line at a certain point. This is because Mrs. Simpson has started calling students names and if you pull in after that, we will not get your child's name called right away. Please wait for the school staff member to have you pull through. This should only affect those that are at the back of the pickup line.


Before and After Care

We are still offering before and after care this year for the students. The Before Care program is run by our teachers and it begins at 7:30 am. Please do not drop your child off before 7:30 am, as they will have to wait by the building until someone is here to let them in. At 7:30 am, a school staff member will come to your car and let you know that your child can come in. Your child will go straight to the gym and stay there until the 8:00 am bell rings. There is no charge for before care. In the instance of a 2-hour delay, Before Care is canceled and students will be able to enter the building and go to their classrooms at 9:30 am. If school is closed due to weather, there is no Before or After Care.

After Care is held at the end of the day and it goes from 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm. Currently, After care is being run by school staff, so there is no charge. However, LEARN Resource Center will be in charge of this program in the near future and they will have sign-ups, as you can pay online.


This Fall semester is very unique as we will have many extra All School Masses. Please remember that students need to be in their Mass uniforms (please refer to the Parent/Student Handbook on Dress Code). We are allowing All Navy bow ties for boys to wear at Mass as well. Below is all of the dates for our All School Masses:

Tuesday, August 24th = St. Bartholomew

Friday, August 27th = Memorial of St. Monica

Wednesday, September 8th = Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Friday, September 10th

Tuesday, September 14th = Elevation of the Holy Cross

Friday, September 17th = Memorial of St. Hildegard Bingen

Wednesday, September 29th = Feast of the Archangels

Friday, October 1st = Grandparents Day

Wednesday, October 6th = Anniversary of the 1st Mass at Queen of Angels

Friday, October 8th = 27th Week of Ordinary Time

Friday, October 15th

Friday, October 22nd

Monday, November 1st = All School Mass at the Coliseum

Friday, November 5th

Friday, November 12th

Friday, November 19th

Tuesday November 23rd = Last Day Before Thanksgiving Break

Tuesday, November 30th = Feast of St. Andrew

Wednesday, December 8th = Immaculate Conception

Friday, December 10th

Friday, December 17th


This year Lunches are FREE which is a great thing; but did you know that it is extremely important this year, more so than other years, that any family that is eligible to signup for free and reduced lunches does so?

Tax dollars in the state of Indiana are distributed by the results of these forms. This means more money to make our school better because other districts in the state are having the same issue of parents that are eligible not signing up, leaving a lot of money to be redistributed to our school IF we can have parents that are eligible fill out this form.

This tax money supports items like new books, curriculum, and better technology for infrastructure that will help make our school an all-around better place. Follow this link to find out if your family is eligible. Click Here


In the past, we have had teachers put stars on their windows that grandparents or parents could take to make purchases for much-needed classroom materials. This year, we are instead creating teacher pages on our website, where there will be a link to the teacher's wish lists.

Their page will also have a spot for their newsletters and other important links. Please go to our website click on Academics + Classroom/Teacher Links to see how you can help your children's teachers with classroom supplies. Please be patient, some are still getting their information gathered to put on these pages!

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Queen of Angels Parish and School,

As one of the largest ministries for the Parish, our school has hosted a fundraiser in the past to help support many projects around the school, including tuition assistance. Many years ago, the church and school combined for Royalfest, a two-day event that had an “Adult-Only” gathering on Friday evening and a carnival for all ages on Saturday. This two-day event provided the opportunity for the whole church community to work with the school to raise funds for various parish endeavors.

In the past several years, this adult event and the carnival ceased being a combined event and changed names: the Adult event became the parish GALA and the Spring Carnival alone was known as Royalfest. In an effort to move forward and honor our parish tradition, our annual fundraiser will now be known as Royalfest 2.0.

Royalfest 2.0 will be held on Saturday, October 23, 2021, from 7:00pm to 10:00pm. This is an adult-only event that will provide an opportunity for the school to host a fundraiser that invites the parish to join us in a supportive role as we continue to grow our ministry of educating students. In the coming years, we hope to ask parishioners for any type of planning assistance as we continue to grow this annual fundraiser.

Finally, as we move closer to our event, here are a few ways you could help:

  1. Setup and Cleanup of the Event

  2. Business Sponsorships (These will be included in our program for the night)

  3. Artisan Donations

    1. Do you make wonderful desserts?

    2. Do you have a special skill set? (Builder, Quilter, etc)

  4. Gift Cards to donate for our Gift Card tree or Raffle

  5. A service that you would be willing to donate. (Photographer, Dentist, Artist)

  6. The most important way you can support this event is by attending. We would love to share an evening of fun and fellowship with our church and school families.

If you have any questions or if you would like to assist with this awesome event, please contact Principal, Dennis Wiegmann, at 260-483-8214 or


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Guiding students, as children of Mary, to be disciples of Christ through faith, knowledge and service.