Farmington View Friday Focus

September 21-25

Weekly Calendar

Monday, September 21

9:45-10:15 Attendance Meeting (Lisa & Roger)

1:00-1:30 STEM Meeting (Janet & Roger)

2:15-3:15 STEM Design Team

Tuesday, September 22

2:15-3:15 Action Team Meeting

3:00-4:00 FVES Leadership Team Meeting

Wednesday, September 23

7:25 Bus Evacuation Drill

1:45-3:15 Teacher Directed Academic Seminar

Thursday, September 24

Nothing on the Calendar

Friday, September 25

7:30-12:00 Roger @ Brookwood for Principal PLC

Fall Fundraiser Assembly 1:25-1:50 (K-6)

Nuts and Bolts

  • Please make sure to complete your online safety training by September 30
  • Classroom teachers need to complete the staff safety checklist by 9/18
  • Please remember to complete the staff accreditation survey. Thank you for taking the 10-15 minutes to do so
Component 2: Building Background

Bus Evacuation Drill

Wednesday, Sep. 23rd, 7:30am

Farmington View

Teacher Instructions

Please distribute one form to each first period class (forms are sent to FV), and then have teachers read the evacuation drill procedure to students so that all will receive this information. After the information has been read to the students, a sign-off signature is required and the original white copy sent to the Training Department at the Transportation Center by October 1, 2015. If you have any questions, please call me at: (503) 844-1123.

Shout Outs

  • Thank you to our duty staff (Heather, Marcia, Danielle, Sara, Sarah, Alissa, & Shay) for their patience, perseverance, and creativity as they settle our students into our recess and lunch routines
  • Robin's use of Class Dojo has her students wanting to earn positive points
  • Shelly used a gallery walk for students to identify characteristics of friends and their teacher
  • Tracey's students acted out and discussed the Europe's Feudal System. They won't forget any time soon what it feels like to be a king, knight, lord of the manor, or serf. (see picture below)
  • Lisa and TimiSue are closely monitoring and supporting several students/families in crisis
  • Danielle is ensuring that her students know what the learning targets are by posting them each day
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Lip Sync Battle with Tom Cruise
Have a Great Weekend!