September News

LTF Middle School Math Teachers Newsletter


I've so enjoyed getting to meet all of you and visit your classrooms. As I visit this month, please let me know if I can bring you copies, help you plan, or even come model a strategy or LTF lesson for you.

September LTF Training Cancelled

The September date for LTF training has been cancelled due to some scheduling conflicts. It will be rescheduled and the other dates (Oct. 23rd, Jan 29th, and April 8th) will be changing also. This is good news for those of you who teach multiple subjects though because the new training sessions will be offered on a different date than the language arts sessions. I will keep you updated!

Upcoming LTF Lessons

There are so many great lessons as I look ahead in the pacing guides! I'm listing a few of my favorites, but I really had to limit what I'm pushing this month. Check your pacing guides for more options if you don't like these. Take time to try at least one this month!

6th Grade Honors: Shoeprints, Trapezoids, and Area (Digits Topic 13), Box it Up! (Digits Topic 14)

7th Grade Honors: Working With Formulas (Accelerated Digits Topic 12)

8th Grade: Negative Exponents (Digits Topic 4)

Algebra 1: Walk the Line (Unit 2- I usually use it at the end)

Remember I can make you copies if needed!

Literacy Strategy: Window Notes

If your students are anything like mine, they struggle with word problems. As I taught with Digits, I realized many of my students were struggling to understand what the questions wanted them to do, not just calculating the math. Window notes are an easy-to-implement strategy that explicitly teach students how to think about and organize information from a word problem.

  • Window notes help students organize their thoughts when solving a word problem
  • Each window note has four sections: The Facts, The Steps, The Question, The Diagram

  • These four sections are not rigid. In the past, I have changed "The Diagram" section to fit what we are studying. For example, when solving equations I sometimes replace that section with "The Equation" and ask students to represent the problem mathematically instead of visually.

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ACT Quality Core

Those of you who teach Algebra 1 may have noticed some changes to the Quality Core website. The website is now customized for our state. Unfortunately, anyone who currently has a log in will be getting a new one. No one in our state will have access to the website until October. I will send out more information when I get it.

Vertical Team Meeting #1

Tuesday, Sep. 15th, 3:30pm

107 Sanders Road Southwest

Huntsville, AL

Come visit the beautiful new Whitesburg P-8 while collaborating vertically with other math teachers! We will be identifying vertical trends of deficient and proficient mathematics skills and creating engaging tasks and lessons to support those skills. You will work vertically as well as in grade-level teams. I promise to make it worth your time.