CHS Newsletter

News You Can Use - March 2019

Important Dates

March 14-16: 7:00pm CHS Play - "Mixed Nuts"

March 18: Reality Check

March 19: 7:00pm MIOSM Concert

March 22: 3rd Quarter Ends

March 25-29: Spring Break

April 2: Voting Day for many things including School Board and Referendum

April 13: Prom

PBIS Students & Staff of the Month

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Service Animal Coming to CHS!!!

CHS recently had a student apply to bring their service animal to school with them. This service animal is a trained companion for the student and is able to assist him/her in many of the daily routines while learning at school. This is approved under CCSD policy 8390 which states that service animals are allowed on district property as long as the animal has its service animal harness on and the family has completed the service animal application process. The service dog is a Goldendoodle breed which is known for being a low/no allergen breed.

This certified service dog is highly trained and recognized by an accredited training facility. The student’s right to have a certified service dog is protected under the American with Disabilities Act and therefore can be with the handler in all aspects of his/her education.

There will be an informational presentation shared with all staff and students to help students identify with the service dog and how it will fit into daily school routines. All students will be informed as to proper procedures around the animal because the animal is not a pet but a certified working service dog while at school. The main point for students and staff is that they should not interact, or attempt to interact, with the service animal in any way. This includes calling the animal’s name or petting it. Please reinforce this with your student.

We anticipate the service dog will be a benefit to the student’s learning, and we look forward to this new addition to our school community. Linked is a FAQ document regarding service animals that we'd like you to review and discuss with your high school student as well.

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Referendum FAQs

Linked here is a FAQ document related to the upcoming CCSD referendum. This document has been updated numerous times to answer questions that have been asked at the various information nights and meetings that have been held. If you have a question that isn't answered here, please reach out to someone at the district so you can make an informed vote on April 2nd!!

Department & Extracurricular Information


Plant Science - Plant science is working on being able to classify plants based on their characteristics while learning new plants each day to identify. They also have an amazing start to a full greenhouse for the spring plant sale!

Vet. Science - The vet. Science class has already had two pet visitors this year that the students have demonstrated their new skills of animal handling, animal restraint, and physical exams!

Animal Evaluation - These students just wrapped up becoming professional dairy judgers and are now exploring ruminant digestion and nutrition!

Biotechnology - After reviewing the basics of genetics and DNA composition these students are exploring the strangely fascinating how and why of genetically modified organisms including featherless chickens and glow in the dark rabbits!


ART If you were able stop at the “Art at the Butterfly” event 3/11/2019 5:30-8:00 pm. We had several student art represented.

3D students are starting to work with clay and bas relief projects.

2D students are beginning a printmaking unit.

Painting students are working on a surrealism painting. Painting 2 are working on a stylisic painting,

Photography students are working on a portraiture unit.
Yearbook students continue to create pages as our yearbook is halfway finished!

Advanced Art students are working on sculptures created with cast materials while others are finishing up a stylistic painting.

Art Club students continue to beautify the building with motivational paintings-check some of them out!

Business & Marketing - Reality Check

WE NEED YOUR HELP! CHS Reality Check is next week. We are short of our volunteer goal for the event. If this is something you can help us with, please do.

CHS Reality Check is March 18th from 7:30 am to 1:00 pm. Breakfast and Lunch will be provided to all of our volunteers. This is the online Reality Check volunteer form: Please complete it. Your information will be stored.

We will send out more specific information soon. If you have someone in mind who would make a great addition to our Reality Check experience, please direct them to the Reality Check volunteer link that is on our district website in the scrolling banner on the top of the page - just click on the image.

Thank you for your consideration. Our event has always been a huge success because of your dedication. Please do not hesitate to contact Elisa Shoemaker in the Business & Marketing department at or call 608-676-2223 x2307 for more information.

Choir & Drama

The Choir and Drama departments have had a busy February with even more fun activities in March. The Clinton High School Drama Club presents the play "Mixed Nuts". This comedy is about a young man from Ohio who moves to New York to pursue a writing career. He brings his inner personalities along for the ride while meeting his very interesting new neighbors. What happens next is anyone's guess. The performances are on the Clinton Middle School Stage this Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 7:00 pm. Tickets can be purchased at the door and are just $4.00 for students and seniors and $5.00 for Adults.


Six Clinton High School students attended the State Career and Development Conference. Students took tests and completed role plays in a variety of different series. Students also attended leadership sessions and accepted awards on behalf of our chapter. Our chapter was recognized for our efforts to the Wisconsin DECA Community Service Campaign. We completed 100 hours of community service, Acts of Kindness, General Contributions to Charity, Trick or Can, and Polar Plunge. These awards were achieved because of our hardworking officers, active club members, and our great school! At the conference Kendyl Bagley competed in Restaurant Management, Kallie Inman competed in Accounting, Erin Bauer competed in Retail Merchandising, Drew Holloway competed in Automotive Services, and Colin Tracy competed in Entrepreneurship. Cora Laatz also attended the conference as a Service Associate. Kendyl Bagley earned a medal for achieving high on the Hospitality Cluster Exam. Kallie Inman earned a medal for a role play. Make sure to congratulate all of our competitors when you see them!


  • English 9 - Students are deep into discussion for the Latin America books. During one discussion, students worked in groups to answer discussion questions. One student would roll a dice, and another student would add the numbers together and ask a question from the question sheet. Students had fun trying to stump each other. Freshmen, Destiny Czarnecki, is a two time published poet! She had a poem published in Accomplished in middle school and this year’s Futures poetry collection. Congrats, Destiny!

  • English 10 - Students are working on their Persuasive Essays. They are currently tackling a controversial topic from the world today and using unbiased evidence sources to support their argument. They will share their ideas in the form of a speech and have a chance to discuss with other students.

  • English 11 - students are still working hard on reading To Kill a Mockingbird. Students are practicing timed writings that allow them to expresses ideas from the novel and make outside connections.

  • AP English Language - students have started reading the novel, In Cold Blood. While reading, students will look for the diction and connection the author, Truman Capote, developed when discussing particular characters involved in the event. Students will then synthesize Capote’s development of writing with his own feelings and experiences.

  • English 12 - students have just completed the novel, The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks; from there, they are utilizing their persuasive skills through competing in a debate regarding the controversial topics found in the novel.


As we just wrapped up an exciting and eventful FFA week, the Clinton FFA chapter has been busy at work planning and preparing for our spring events. Our local Career Development Event event will take place at the rock county fairgrounds on March 15 where many FFA members are competing on judging teams such as livestock, dairy cattle, and dairy products teams. Our plant sale is off to a good start as well with the plants and hanging baskets potted and growing! Our sale date is set for May 3, 4, and 5 so mark your calendars! We are also busy planning our Culver’s Thank You Farmers event. We have set the date for May 9th and we hope to see you all there. Lastly, our FFA chapter banquet will be the evening of May 22. We hope to see all members there!


Foods 2 students are preparing for the Reality Check Breakfast for the volunteers. We have done practice runs of the recipes and will be making the muffins and breakfast casseroles for real the week of March 12-15, 2019. Some Foods 2 students will be coming to school super early on the Monday morning of Reality Check to help with last-minute preparations and setting up the food in the back gym.

Assistant Child Care Teacher students have been working hard on completing all 13 chapters/units, so they are prepared to observe in a license daycare. After Spring Break we will be applying the information learned before Spring Break to create hands-on classroom activities for preschool children.

Honor Society

  • The Clinton Honor Society is raising funds to send each Clinton Elementary School student home with books this summer to help combat summer reading loss. We are asking the community to donate new or gently used book at one of our book drive events. Just think, spring is the perfect time to purge books that your children (or grandchildren) don’t read anymore. Please contact Theresa Wellnitz at or 676-2223 x2127 if you have a large donation. We will be accepting book and monetary donations at Conferences on Monday, March 11 at each building; at the CHS play on Thursday, March 14; Friday, March 15; and Saturday, March 16; at the CHS Band Concert on Tuesday, March 19; and at the CMS 6th grade Musical on Friday, April 5. More April and May dates are to be determined.


As we gear up for National Poetry Month in April, our CHS Book Club will be discussing The Poet X, by Elizabeth Acevedo. The book is written in verse and is about a 15-year old girl named Xiomara. Xiomara lives in a world where her mother controls her life at home and society tries to limit her elsewhere. Books are available for check-out in the CHS LMC.


AP Calculus students will be finishing up their unit on differentiating and integrating logarithmic, exponential, and other transcendental functions. Before spring break, the students will begin to learn about differential equations and slope fields.

PreCalculus students are wrapping up their unit on vectors. They will then begin the next unit which begins by building upon their knowledge of the Fundamental Theorem of Algebra and continue with topics such as Conics and inverse functions.

Geometry students are finishing up confirming relationships in the coordinate plane. They will then be studying characteristics of circles.

Algebra students are learning about sequences as a stepping stone into functions and their graphs.

The CHS Math Team had their final competition of the year. The RVC math meet was held at Beloit Turner on Tuesday, March 5. The Varsity team placed 8th and the JV team took 2nd place.

Occupational Therapy

In case you missed the commercial during this years Super Bowl, Microsoft announced its new XBox adaptive controller, which was developed with the help of an occupational therapist. Check it out at

Per the article at, “The new Xbox Adaptive Controller can be connected to external buttons, switches, joysticks and mounts, giving gamers with a wide range of physical disabilities the ability to customize their setups. The most flexible adaptive controller made by a major gaming company, the device can be used to play Xbox One and Windows 10 PC games and supports Xbox Wireless Controller features such as button remapping.”

This tool has helped people with physical challenges participate more fully in the gaming experience. Way to go, Microsoft!

Phy Ed / Health

The number of U.S. states mandating cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) training as a requirement for graduation from high school is rapidly increasing. Such requisite CPR training in high school now involves 21 states and more than one million high school students annually. We believe this widespread implementation of CPR training has many benefits to high school students and the broader U.S. public. High school students are well-positioned to improve rates

of bystander CPR initiation, and their engagement could reduce deep disparities in regional rates of survival of out-of-hospital cardiac arrest through early initiation of bystander CPR. Imagine what could happen if CPR training was required in all of the more than 37,000 high schools in the United States.

School Counseling

This month, Clinton High School staff and students show recognition and appreciation for 4-year colleges and universities! The month will include showing off College-Wear, advisory presentations, and a staff panel at the end of the month, where they talk about their own college experiences and answer student questions.Our Academic and Career Planning (ACP) Team here in the CCSD is made up of a group of dedicated administrators and educators wanting to inform and guide our students down their desired post-high school route. The Wisconsin ACP Model of KNOW, EXPLORE, PLAN & GO seeks to help students become more self-aware about their career interests, better goal setters, and more prepared for life after high school by offering opportunities and activities. For more information about the CCSD ACP, please visit the district website, or click here!

Junior ACT season is behind us and I am super proud to say we had 100% attendance for the ACT+Writing exam! Everyone did a great job coming in prepared and being focused the whole morning. The ACT Aspire season is coming up soon (April 8th - 12th) for our Freshmen and Sophomore students, along with the Wisconsin Forward exam for the 10th graders. Students have been given information about how they can practice for these exams online, so have them show you sometime!


Chemistry students watched as water boiled at room temperature and marshmallow peeps grew in size inside a Bell Jar. Gas laws and kinetic molecular theory is the name of the game. Finally, we have reached the point in the year where the average kinetic energy of the air outside is starting to increase. That’s chemistry speak for it's finally getting warmer.

Physics students are learning about the physics of sound. We experimentally determined the speed of sound in the science classroom through the use of tuning forks of known frequency and measuring the antinode located at ¼ wavelength. Students were amazed at the amplitude perceived as loudness of the sound once we found the antinode. From the product of frequency and wavelength we determined the speed of sound.

Currently we are discussing the relationship between decibels and Intensity of sound. We are using sound meters to demonstrate intensity of sound throughout the high school.

Anatomy students are observing blood slides with the aid of microscopes and identifying and counting erythrocytes and leukocytes. We will be typing blood with traditional ABO and Rh antigens.

Then on to the heart dissection, blood pressure, and pulse labs. A healthy Cardiovascular system is essential for a long life.

Rock & Green County Health Care Day is Tuesday, April, 9th at Blackhawk Technical College. We are taking a group of students to tour SSM Health facility & BTC, hear Healthcare Panel Presentations,& attend Education Fair.

Social Studies

World History students wrapped up their most riveting trial yet - Louis XVI during the French Revolution for treason. So many students displayed incredible understanding of the content and dedication to their roles! It was very impressive.

Global Studies Honors has started their journey into the Middle East. Their first stop on the voyage is taking a look at the three Abrahamic Religions that call the region home and how they interact with one another.

General Global Studies is wrapping up their Latin America Unit by writing about political, social and economic revolutions that have occured in the region. Up next is the Middle East where students will be learning how to research and develop arguments to prepare for a debate about border security in various parts of the world.

APUSH students are concluding our unit on the “Gilded Age” and the rise of American corporations. The next unit will expand upon this as we see the rise of American businesses developing their overseas markets. Looming on the horizon is World War I and the Roaring 20’s.

US History students have just started on our unit dealing with the rise of Nazi Germany and World War II.

Sociology classes have been exploring social issues such as bullying including the tragic case of a young girl out east who was bullied to death in 2012.

Speakers have been invited to speak in class on very current topics such as the opioid crisis and sex trafficking.

Student Council

Student Council hosted their first annual Ballin’ For a Cure on Friday, March 8th. Students from Parkview High School collaborated with us to plan this awesome event! We had a bounce house, skee ball, face painting, a DJ and other activities for children of all ages. And, if that wasn’t enough, an intense and fun coed basketball game was our main event, ending in a score of 72-71 in favor of Clinton! We had an amazing turnout and raised $1500!!! We are looking forward to planning next year’s event!
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Tech Ed

February was a busy month in the Metals Technology class. They learned the Cartesian Coordinate System. This system deals with the X, Y, and Z axis, something they learn in their math classes. During this time they learn about writhing codes for their initials that will be cut on a 1” x 2 ½” block of aluminum by the CNC machine. CNC stands for Computer Numerical Control. They also began using the the Inventor CAD program, learning how to create engravings with the CNC mill. We all learned from each other during this time as students are so quick to pick up technology.

Work-Based Learning

Students who have listed Work-based Learning as a course selection for next year are working on cover letters, resumes, and applications into the program. Applications are due to Mrs. Benisch by March 15. Interviews will be held in April. Osha 10 training dates are set for April 6 and 13. The training is open to any student interested in becoming certified. Sign up in the counseling office or with Mr. Duval.

Three students completed the Nursing Assistant Program last semester. One student studied for and passed her Certified Nursing Exam and the other two students are studying and plan to take the exam this Spring. Additional students will be starting the program this Spring or Summer. CareerTek has been an awesome partnership for these students. CareerTek helps our students pay for health forms processing, books, and uniforms through a grant they have received. Some of our students have also been participating in their Health Academy Field Trips this past semester; visiting BTC, Beloit Health System, EPIC, UW-Madison, and UW-Whitewater.

For more information email Mrs. Benisch at

World Languages

Spanish 1 students have worked with irregular verb conjugations along with some food vocabulary. Students continue practicing listening comprehension activities.

Spanish 2 students have worked with prepositions of location, comparisons, types of shows and movies. They have prepared powerpoint presentations that included grammatical structures of the unit. Besides, students continue practicing reading strategies and how to formulate questions and answers in the target language.

Spanish 3 students have worked on reflexive pronouns, reciprocal verbs, and preterite verbs. They have created powerpoints that illustrate the use of the grammatical points for the unit. Students continue practicing reading strategies and how to formulate questions and answers in the target language.

Spanish 4 students have been working with the imperfect progressive tense and other irregular past tenses. During this unit they have demonstrated an understanding of Latino Art through a series of activities and presentations;

Spanish 5 students continue studying the present, preterite, imperfect, and subjunctive tenses. They continue working on reading and writing skills for the Language Placement Test along with the grammar and pertaining grammar and vocabulary for the unit.

On Friday, March 8th, 2019, the Spanish 1 class took a field trip to the Latino Arts in Milwaukee to engage in an interactive workshop where they learned the history of some Latino musical instruments. This rich experience allowed them to learn the history of the instruments while playing the drums and other related instruments. Students had a blast!