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What are Air Conditioning Coils and why does an AC Repair Service in Ocoee need to Maintain them?

The coil of a packaged terminal air condition is the work horse of your unit. These PTAC units are typically used in hotels, motels and medical facilities where it is desirable to have each room control its own air conditioning. The beauty of PTAC units is that they allow you to conveniently and efficiently cool individual spaces without running huge central air units. One advantage of this is that when a unit breaks down, it only impacts one room where as if a central unit breaks down, all rooms are impacted. It behooves an owner of a PTAC unit to be aware of how the unit works and how to take care of them. What are air conditioning coils and why does an AC repair service in Ocoee need to maintain them?

Ocoee AC Repair Service
Having an Ocoee AC repair service on speed dial is essential if you own an establishment that uses PTAC units. Many owners will install PTAC units and use them without regular maintenance until they give out. In fact, owners are limiting themselves and wasting valuable funds. When regular maintenance and repair is done on PTAC units, they can last up to twelve or more years. However, when left alone without regular maintenance, the lifetime of a unit is reduced to just a mere six or seven years. The coil of the unit is an important component to make sure stays clean. The coil is the heat exchanger that allows the unit to take outside air and cool and expel it into the room. The coil can get extremely dirty if not cleaned at least once per year which could lead to reduced efficiency or a break down. Let Marra Air Conditioning Services help you maintain your units and save you money. We are the best the best Ocoee AC repair service in the Florida area, and you don’t want an AC failure in Florida where even the coolest months average 70 degrees. We know how to maintain your PTAC units so they give you the best performance for the longest amount of time possible, and when your units break down, we are there to fix your problems fast. Visit our website to see all the services we offer and read informative articles on the importance of caring for your AC units, or give us a call at 407-877-6765.