From Bean to Chocolate

By Whitney


Yummm that was the best dinner ever! Can I have dessert? What do you want chocolate did you now chocolate grows in the deep rain forest


It starts in the deep rainforest. Chocolate is made from cocoa trees.The farmers chop of the cocoa beans and spread the cocoa seeds on a sheet. Then they send it to the store


The people put the cocoa seeds into bags and then they put it into a mixer and mix the and mix the sauger into the chocolate to make it in to a solid then squeeze the choclate to get the butter then they put it into the raper and send it to the store


The people receive the chocolate and crete ice creme and chocolate cake and so much more

Fun Facts

Chocolate is the food of the gods and charlie and the chocolate factory was a inspired by chocolate and chocolate used to be named chocolata


Thank you for reading my book and learning about chocolate
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