Industrial Revolution

By Juan Jose & Nicolas

How was life before industrial revolution?

Before the industrial revolution, the world was based on a feudal mode of production consisting on two social classes depending of each other, the servants and the aristocrats.
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Where did the Industrial Revolution start?

It started in England with the first cloth machine, replacing the work of at least 50 people.

How was life for children in those times?

They were introduced in the industry of production, some of them at the age of 5 years old they work all day, obviously outside of home.
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Why during Industrial Revolution people move to the city?

Where the servants and the lowest social class people, who move to the city searching opportunities, at that time a new class emerged they were called the workers.

What is global village?

It is a technological Revolution we are living today, in which we as humans can connect with people all around the world thanks to our technological improvements.