Varsha G. 1st period


Vietnam is a very beautiful place, even though they recently had a very bad war. The war was Vietnam with the U.S. You are probably thinking why they were in war. Vietnam hated the communist government, and decided to say that to the world. Well, America heard that, and there was war! This war was basically like the Cold War. The Cold War was when nobody fought because of the nuclear weapons. This is similar. Nobody fought, because nobody would really win or lose. So that was the end of that war. Vietnam's capital is Hanoi, which is a very pretty place, and they are a communist government. The currency is called a Vietnamese dong.

Slogan: 'Land of the green'

Geography/ Climate of Vietnam

Vietnam is located on the east margin of the Indochina Peninsula. It borders the Gulf of Thailand, and the South China Sea. Their natural resources are coal, the rare earth elements, timber, and hydro power. In the south, it is very tropical. But in the north, they has monsoons May through September. In October through March it is warm and dry.

People/ Culture

The population of Vietnam 331,210 sq km. Vietnam is slightly larger than New Mexico. It surrounds Cambodia and Laos. The culture of Vietnam's is probably the oldest in East Asia. Since the French invaded Vietnam, their culture is very mixed. But it is very fascinating! But their culture does include dragons, baboons, and turtles. When a person dies in Vietnam, their body is washed and dressed, and put into the coffin. A chopstick is laid between their teeth, and a pinch of rice and 3 coins are placed in their month. The family of the dead person stays with the dead person for 5 or 6 days. For weddings, the parents choose the bride or the groom. The bride/groom's choices are very limited. But they have lots of celebrations, like village celebrations which have dragons, and colorful things.

Country Timeline

1. 1858- French rule begins

2. 1945- Ho Chi Minh (father of Vietnam) declares independence for Vietnam

3. 1959- Vietnam war

4. 1975- Vietnam war ends

5. 1986- Nguyen Van Linh is the party leader. Introduces economic policy.

6. 1995- Vietnam becomes member of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations.

7. 1997- Tran Duc Luong becomes the president, and Phan Van Khai becomes prime minister.

8. 2004- First US commercial flight since the end of the Vietnam war.

9. 2005- Prime Minister Phan Van Khai visits the US president after the war.

10. 2012- Vietnam surpasses Brazil to become the world's largest exporter of coffee.



Vietnam, a communist country, has one of the fastest, growing economies in South Asia. Vietnam's full form is Socialist Republic of Vietnam. That is why it's also called the socialist state. Vietnam got their independence from France in September 2, 1945. September 2nd is also their national holiday. They got a new constitution in April 15, 1992. Of course, they have a national anthem! It's called 'Tien quan ca'.

Rights of Vietnam

The rights in Vietnam is very similar to the U.S's rights. No drugs, no religious activists, and no terrorism. Rules we hear everyday. These are the main rules, though: Article 52: All citizens are equal before the law. That just means that everybody should be treated equally. Article 76: A citizen must show loyalty to his motherland. One who betrays his motherland is the most serious crime. That means not to hurt your country. Don't put bombs anywhere, things like that.


Citizens are allowed to vote at age 18, and older. They are still debating because of the Vietnam war. Their voting system is very similar to our voting system.


Vietnam is a planned market economy. A market economy is when individuals determine for themselves what they want to do. In the mid 1980s, Vietnam has made a shift from a centralized economy to a socialist economy. A socialist economy is an economic system based on state ownership of the capital. So they are kind of market and socialist. They actually see rapid growth now that they changed economies, but it needs a lot of planning.

Vietnam exports oil, rice, coffee, rubber, and coal. Vietnam is famous for tea and rubber. So why not give them to other countries? They export coal to the US, because they really use it. The US uses 23% coal everyday. Countries give them (otherwise, known as imports), steel, electronics, and lots of equipment. We all need electronics, and so does Vietnam. Vietnam gets everything that they really need, like steel, which is used to make a lot of things, and electronics, which is also very important in our lives.

Exports and Imports

Exports: oil, garments, rice, coffee, rubber, coal

Imports:petroleum products, steel, electronics, and machinery and equipment

Company List

1. United Sates Rubber company

This company should come to Vietnam to invest their company. Because, first of all, Vietnam is famous for having rubber. If this rubber company invests Vietnam, this would be good for Vietnam, and the rubber company. The US Rubber company has lots of rubber, and it would be even better if they invest Vietnam.

2. Capital Teas

This company was founded by Maryland, but this would be another great company to be in Vietnam. There is a reason why Vietnam is famous for exporting tea and rubber. Because they have a lot! Real tea leaves come from the Camilla bush, which is a very beautiful, big bush. Since they have a lot of tea, then Capital Teas should invest Vietnam.

3. American Rice Inc.

This company is in Houston, Texas, but this company should invest Vietnam. Vietnam has a lot of rice, so American Rice Inc. should invest Vietnam. Almost everything Vietnam exports, like say, rice, a rice company in the US should invest Vietnam. They have a lot of rice, so if this company invests Vietnam, then, they would do very well.

4. Alterra Coffee Roasters

Vietnam also exports a lot of coffee. In fact, they are the largest coffee exporter in the world! They just won over Brazil. Anyway, I think that Alterra will do very good if they invest Vietnam.

5. Aloha Petroleum

This company is located in Honolulu, Hawaii. They own most of the gas stations there. Vietnam is a big exporter in oil, so they should have a lot of it. Aloha Petroleum should invest Vietnam because then, they would have a lot of money!