AVID Fall Exam

Kiana Jackson 1-11-16 7th Grade

Cornell Notes

Throughout the semester my study habits have changed for the better. With the notes that I have taken, I have been able to look back and fully understand the concept with ease. I have realized that if you don't have correct notes, you will not be able to study correctly.

Public Speaking

As a student I have spoken to my class many times. With AVID we video ourselves when we preset, so we can look back and see our progress. I feel that this is an important step to realize how much you can accomplish in a few months

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By having tutorials throughout the week, I have had many questions that I have answered. As a student I want every advantage to get my grades higher, and I feel tutorials has done that for me. Looking back tutorials has helped me tremendously.

Picture: http://www.mpsaz.org/avid/tutors/tutortraining/images/avid_tutoring.png


Organization for me is important for AVID. If you aren't organized, when you look for a paper you won't be able to find it because of a messy binder. I feel that if you aren't organized than you wont be able to find a paper that you may have forgot about.

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TRF's I believe, is a very important part of AVID and in tutorials. They help you identify what you are having problems with in a question.If you don't know what you don't understand about a question you will never get it answered.

Writing Skills

Writing is a skill that everyone at some point needs to learn. In AVID we learned that skill by writing quick writes and writing our memoir. AVID has helped me develop my writing skill a lot over the semester.


I will do many things to grow as a student the next semester. I will take out more time at the end of the day to review everything that I have learned that day. I hope I will grow as much as I did this semester in the next semester.