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Henderson Weekly Newsletter

September 28, 2015

The easiest thing in the world is to come up with an excuse not to do something. I found that the most important thing in my life is to stop saying ‘I wish’ and start saying ‘I will.’


Committing to Excellence ALL DAY, EVERY DAY, ALL YEAR LONG!

Did you watch the Aggie game? That was something, wasn't it?!! I think about that game in relation to the beginning of school. The Aggie team did not begin the game well, but they were able to overcome and win. Let's relate this to our first round of district assessments. If your students did not perform as they should, it's not too late to readjust and implement changes so they are winners. Don't get discouraged, but FIGHT. Aggies could have given up OR believed they would overcome. You can do this and so can your students. You must have a plan. How will you address the missed SE's so that students don't get behind? Are you tutoring? Some kids need more. Let me know what I can do to help.

Where are you on the Wheel of Excellence? Are you focused? Do you have distraction control? Are you open to on-going learning? Are you mentally prepared? What is your level of commitment? Do you have positive images of your students being successful? How confident are you in your teaching? As I have shared before, commitment to excellence resonates with me. Each day is a blessing. I think of it as a privilege to work with you and our students. I hope that you do too. Let's make the most of EVERY day. Continue to strive for excellence. BELIEVE in yourself and your students. Push them like you never thought you could. They will rise to the occasion; I promise.

C2E-Classroom Walks

Observing some great things in the classrooms and around the building.

Things to brag about....

Rigor is in the building! We are improving here. Thank you for your efforts.

Kids are excited and happy to be at school.

Increase in student talk with less teacher talk around the building.

Good questioning!

Great examples of writing in the hallways.

Things to think about....

How do you hold kids accountable for their learning in station activities? Are they on their honor or are they required to turn something in?

Are you pulling a re-teach group after mastery checks? What system do you have in place to keep up with student mastery?

Instructional Coaches and a New Look

I am excited to announce that coaches will be on campus more. They will be off campus every other Friday only. We are also working on a plan so that they can work with some kids an equivalent of 1 day every other week. So happy with this change!

Also, lesson plans will be evaluated at the campus level. This means that Ms. Rhodes and I will also be looking at plans. This is a great opportunity for us to better familiarize ourselves with your SE's and be of a better assistance. I am looking forward to these changes as I feel they will benefit our campus and ultimately, Henderson kids!

TNT and Model Lesson Overview

Do you have questions about the TNT's or exemplar lessons? Watch this brief video to help you navigate through Forethought and locate great lesson plans already available are ready to use.


Tier I Positive Behavior Support CKH/Conscious Discipline-Non-negotiable

Every school must have solid tier 1 instruction in order for students to be successful. If Tier 1 is solid and they are still having difficulties, then we move to the RtI process. This is the same for behavior. Solid tier 1 behavior support MUST be in place. At Henderson this is CKH and Conscious Discipline. You must adhere to all of the pieces of these support systems. If you are having difficulty with classroom behavior but you are not greeting students, assigning jobs, or using a launch, then you are not fulfilling your obligation to tier 1 behavior support.

We must be intentional with CKH and Conscious Discipline. We must be consistent....

  • School wide signal is time out. (should use in the classroom as well)
  • Refer to the social contract each day.
  • Students should check each other if not abiding by the contract.
  • Use the 4 questions if checking is not working.
  • Use classroom raters on how you are doing as a class.
  • Provide a safe place.
  • Every student has a job.
  • Greetings and farewell each day or each class period.
  • Start out with good things
  • End with a launch.

Think about it. If you are putting together a puzzle and some of the pieces are missing, can you be successful? You need all of the pieces. Conscious Discipline and CKH are based on research. It works if you include all of the pieces. If you are missing pieces.....it won't work for ALL kids.


Shout out to third grade teachers. Walkthroughs on Friday afternoon showed them not wasting a minute. Kids were engaged in inferencing activities and it was very evident that this team collaborated and planned together!

Thank you to Mrs. Marak and Ms. Scamardo for their leadership in helping our families who were displaced by the apartment complex fire.

I am excited about our upcoming art club! Thank you to Mrs. Christy for jumping in and taking this on. Can't wait to see what Mrs. McCown and Ms. Kahre have in store for student council! Henderson Harmonics already have performance dates scheduled. Thank you Mrs. Greenlee for growing this choir into what it is today.

Who knew our kids would be excited about Bookworms? Mrs. Whitefield and Ms. Hogan did. So proud of this new club and the participation! Love that kids are staying after school to read.

Mrs. Garza is really taking the library assistant to a whole new level. Can't wait to see her dressing up in character for her students. She is working to pump kids up about reading!

Fire Drill-glows and grows

Our first fire drill of the year went very well!


Students exited the building quickly

Lights were out and doors closed (for the most part)


Some talking during the exit. Please review and/or practice this expectation with students.

Friendly Reminders

  • 1st 6 weeks is almost over. You must have a conference with the parents of students who are failing. If you would like Mrs. Rhodes or myself to attend, please send us a calendar invite.
  • Grades should reflect student mastery of skills taught. Please talk with coaches, myself or Mrs. Rhodes if you have concerns or questions about this.
  • Projector bulbs cost close to $200. Please turn them off when not in use.
  • Writing in the hallway should be changed out monthly. Let's show off our student work!
  • Daily schedule should be posted outside of the classroom door.
  • Use the new student hall passes every day all day.
  • Please conserve copy paper. We kill lots of trees at Henderson. :( Think about alternatives such as writing on desks or white boards and using sleeves.
  • Please conserve laminate. Only laminate those items that you will be using throughout the years.
  • Parent conferences are due to be completed by November 6th.

Mark Your Calendar!


29 McTeacher Night 5-7 (If you are working this event you can wear jeans and your Henderson t-shirt to school this day)

30 Faculty Meeting-RtI

Teacher of the month nominations due to Ms. Legg


1 Fall individual pictures

2 Color Up Dark "She Made Me Do It" 8:30pm

7 Faculty Meeting-Vertical Teams

8 Scholar Dollar Assembly 2:00 ( 15 minute Education Foundation Scholar Dollar Fundraiser presentation to the students. Will be held in cafeteria.)

9 Awards 9:15 K&1, 2&3 10:00, 4&5 1:45

Games Galore for Perfect Attendance 1st 6 weeks 2:45-3:15

12 Guided Reading/Writing Across the Curriculum Training All Day

13 PTO Meeting 6-7

13 & 15 Techy Times -SmartBoard-basic/how to set up

14 Faculty Meeting-CLT

15 Spirit Night at La Carreta (profit share)

17 KKids-Service project/trash pickup

21 Faculty Meeting- SPED/Committees

24 Hispanic Forum Fun Run

26-30 Red Ribbon Week

28 Faculty Meeting-Dyslexia Training/ Title I Parent Training