East Middle School, A guide


Getting Ready For Class

The dreaded day has finally come, Summer break is over and now you're in school, worse yet, Winter is coming.

In the morning Breakfast is served from 8:00 to 8:22, 8:22 being when school starts. From 8:22 you have until 8:30 to get your stuff from your locker, yes you read that correctly, a locker. Now you're probably thinking "I have no idea how to open a locker, how am I supposed to get my stuff?" and you might be crying too, but maybe not... Anyway to open your locker you need to reset the lock by spinning it clockwise (Right) until you reach '0'. Then you look at your locker combination which is in the top left corner of your schedule and if you don't have a schedule go to the office and ask for one. The office is located at the front of the school. But if you have your schedule and you see your locker combination, turn the knob clockwise, or right until you reach the first number. Then turn the knob left to the second number. And lastly to the right for the third, and final number.


It's 8:30 and you still have no idea where your first class is. Look at your schedule and then find what day it is and then first hour. And since it's the first day it's an 'A' day so go to the top left box. At the bottom of that box it should say "Rm: ___" that tells you what room the class is in. So now all you need to do is find that room in the house and get to class.


Lunch starts after your second block. Lunch is 30 minutes long and you're given a choice between eating at tables or booths. After about 10 minutes the gym opens up. In the gym you can walk around the perimeter or play basketball in the courts in the middle.

Electives and Clubs

East Middle School has many electives to offer. Those electives are Band, Orchestra, Choir, FACS, Art, Gym, Drama, and Music Expo. Although some of those are required, like Gym and Drama (Drama is only required in seventh grade).

There are also a lot of clubs here, such as Quiz Bowl, Art Club, BUM Crew, and Guitar Club.

But if you want to start a club you can pitch your idea to one of the two principals - Mr. Sexton and Mr. Weaver. And if a teacher likes your idea they can support your club.


1. Locker: Where you will be putting your stuff when you don't need it for the class you're in.

How To Open:

•Turn left for a full rotation, ending on zero

•Turn left until you reach you first number

•Turn right until you reach your second number (Pass Zero)

•Turn left to your final number


2. 'A' Day: One of the two 'Days' the school uses to organize classes. 'Days' switch every day from A Day to B Day, and then back to A and so on.

3. Block: East Middle School's alternative for hours. 90 minutes long

4. House: Each grade has a house, for example the 6th grade has the orange house, marked by the occasional orange carpet tiles on the floor. Houses contain all the main classes that grade needs. Such as Math, Reading, and Writing.

5. Electives: -Optional classes that you choose at the beginning of the year, these include Art, FACS, Band, Orchestra, and Drama.