Book Review

Review on a book titled, "Many Waters" by Madeline L'engle


The exposition of this book is very well plotted, just two boys wanting to make hot cocoa, what could go wrong? A lot apparently.


The boys get sent way far back in time to the time and place of Noah's ark. They have no idea how to get home. I think it is a very interesting conflict, will a conflict lead to a bigger and bigger conflict? read the book!

Rising Action

The rising action is when the boys are helping build the ark. They don't know if they will be able to go on the ship, they also don't know if Yalith can go, find out, in this book!

Resolution to conflict

The boys find a way to get home and Yalith goes with a nephilim.

Falling Action

They come home and the family has no idea what happened to there sons.

Here are some examples of what the books look like

The End!