Healthful Eats

How to eat healthy

Why you need to eat healthy

Eating healthy is a good thing.But you have to balance everything out.There are five food groups that you need to know to eat healthy.Grains,Vegetables,Fruits,Milk,and Protein. You also need a little oil in your food group.You need vitamins to help you fight diseases,vegetables,fruit,milk,other dairy products,meat,eggs,and grains all have vitamin in them.If you.On t.v you can see commercials that can influence you to eat non healthy foods.Ask your parents to give you the appropriate serving size for all the food groups to get the right nutrition.when you eat you should wash your food or not eat your meat raw, because it could cause pathogens.You should wash or cook them properly or you can get really sick.Weight management is a plan you use to have healthful weight.There are two parts to weight management,physical activity,and the right amount of healthful foods.

How much you need to eat

You can eat healthy stuff but not to much of it.For Grains you should eat 6 oz. of it,for vegetables 2 1/2 cups,fruits 1 1/2 cups,milk 3 cups but for kids 2-8 years old 2 cups,and for meat and beans 5 oz.