Ironic Naming Of Ionic Bonds


What Is An Ionic Bonds?

Ionic Bonding is the complete transfer of valence electrons between atoms. It is a type of chemical bond that generates two oppositely charged ions. In ionic bonds there has to be a element that donates a election and an element that receives an electron.
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Example Of An Ionic Bond

Naming An Ionic Compound

When you name an Ionic compound the metal always goes first and the nonmetal. If the metal is a transition metal and is not Ag, Zn, and Al you add roman numerals to tell the charge. Then you would put an -ide at the end of the nonmetal if the nonmetals is part of the main group. An example would be lithium and sulfur. You would first name the metal which is Lithium then you write the name of the nonmetal and add -ide because it is part of the main group. The end result is Lithium, Sulfide.