The Sell Of Indulgences !!!

Veronica Jones

Problems At The Church

Some problems that the church have is that the pope have too much power. Another problem that I have with the church is too wealthy, and not using the money for the church. They is getting all there money from selling things like indulgence, and they not true. Christians need to be taught that indulgences are useless. The pope is telling the christians lies and instead of listening to the pope the christians should follow there head through penalties, deaths, and hells.

The Worst Problem

Worst problem to me is that the church people is selling indulgence for money. The church is telling these people that the indulgence is a ticket to salvation. Christians should be taught that the pope do not intend the purchase should be understood as at all comparable with the works of mercy. Which mean that them indulgence will not get you in heaven, because God determines if you go to heaven or not. So stop wasting money.