Branch Rickey: The Equalitiy Seeker

Frank L.

The Talent Search

Branch Rickey never gave up trying to search for the perfect player to be on the Dodger's baseball team. He also went out of the country looking for the perfect player that can finally bring equality to all the player in baseball.

You gave me a Strike One? Then try to give me a Strike Two

Branch Rickey once tried to bring some equality to baseball by trying to convince people that black people can sit anywhere they want, but the was refuse because the organization says that they will lose money. Even though he was refused Branch Rickey continue to fight for equality.

Getting Blamed

Branch Rickey face many obstacle a example from the text is

“He was accused of trying to up hold the existing segregation and, at the same time, capitalize on black players.”

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A Hopeful Feeling

“”Branch Rickey lost that fight, but when he became the boss of the Brooklyn Dodger in 1943, he felt the time for equality in baseball have come”

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