Placement Test Information

For Incoming UGA Students

Advantage of Taking UGA Placement Tests

You may be able to register for some courses sooner!

  • Students completing orientation in June will not have AP credit posted until July. If you are waiting on an AP score to exempt a course and move on to the next course, you won't be able to register for that next course until July.
  • Taking a placement test may allow you to register for courses by exempting you from prerequisite courses sooner.

When should I take placement tests?

Preferably before you are advised, but it's also okay to take tests afterwards.

  • If you take placement tests and receive your scores before your advising appointment, your advisor will have access to the scores and will help explain them to you during your advising appointment. Having the scores already can help advising and registration be more efficient.

  • If you want to take a Spanish, French, or Hebrew placement test, please reach out to Testing Services as soon as possible, at least a week before your orientation session, to schedule placement testing.

  • During your advising appointment, your advisor might recommend taking additional placement tests. This is fine, too. They'll explain the scoring and tell you how to follow up with them regarding placement and registration once the scores have posted.

Deciding Which Tests to Take

Which placement tests should I take?

It depends on your major and college.

  • All science and engineering majors should take the in-person Department Math placement test, even if they have AP scores coming.
  • All students in the Franklin College of Arts and Sciences who wish to continue the language they studied in high school, and took three or more years of that language in high school or spoke the language at home, should take the foreign language placement test for the language of their choice..
  • Please Note: If you want to take a Spanish, French, or Hebrew placement test, please reach out to Testing Services as soon as possible, at least a week before your orientation session, to schedule placement testing.

  • Languages Covered: See the Testing Services website to find out which tests are covered. If a test you want to take isn't offered, ask your advisor about options.
  • Very few students exempt ENGL 1101 through the English Placement test. For this reason, if you have limited time, we don't normally recommend this test. Also, most majors can wait to take ENGL 1101 or 1102 until second semester, so there's not a lot of pressure to take ENGL right away.
  • Chemistry 1210/1211 Placement Test

    • The Chemistry department has developed a placement test for incoming first-year students who plan to major in Chemistry, a life science or any other science that requires CHEM 1211+L. This test is designed to help these students register for the appropriate Chemistry class. The test is strongly recommended for any student who did not test out of MATH 1113 and/or did not take a chemistry class in their senior year of high school.
    • Students register at by clicking the button “Register for a course required by your instructor” and use the Program ID XL44-M132-601Z-1ET2. The cost for the test is $14.99 and includes math and chemistry remediation for students who do not place into Chemistry 1211 but earn close to the minimum placement score

    Score ranges:

    • >82%: Chemistry 1211 recommended.
    • 50 – 81.9%: Remediation available, followed by a second placement attempt.
    • <50%: Chemistry 1210 recommended.
    • Students who do not score greater than or equal to 82% after remediation are recommended to take Chemistry 1210.

Placement Test Nuts and Bolts

What's the difference between credit, exemption, and placement?

  • Some tests give you actual course credit. You earn hours of credit
  • Some tests give you course exemption (you don't have to take the course) but you don't earn hours of credit.
  • Some tests simply place you in a higher level course without giving you an exemption or credit for previous courses.

How do I know which test does what?

  • Ask your academic advisor.

How do I find out more about when/where/how to take a placement test and how to prepare for testing?

What scores do I need to exempt classes?

A final note:

Feel free to ask your advisor about any placement test questions!