Fun Kitty Facts

Alexis Moralez'


Have you ever wanted to know essential facts about your cat and their health care? You are going to know about their behavior,care and health.I'm going to tell you on how to control, handle,act and care for your cat.You will know how to keep it away from harm.

A Kitten Behavior

When and what to do when a cat mad!!!

I'm going to talk about a cat's behavior on how it feels,hear,hear and see. Here is an example: When a cat angry you should back off here are some signs you might see: Eyes wide open;dilated,flattened ears,tail lashing or straight with bristled fur ,agitated meows that turn into growling,snarling and hissing and sometimes even spitting.So stay away or else you will hear and/or feel an attack.Reasons on why cats get mad because they feel threaten,frighten,fights or danger.

"How to keep your cat out of harm!" Here are some tips!

Keep your windows screened all times

Always keep your cat's Id'ed

Refrigerate canned cat food within minutes of opening the can

Stir cat food that heated in the microwave and make sure it isn't too hot

Store poisons away from the cat reach

Triple check appliances where your cat may hide

Keep sharp utensils away from your cat's reach

Clear your house of anything that your cat might ingest

Keep your toilet lid closed when not used

Remove poisonous plants from your home


I'm going to tell you about a cat's behavior,care and health.On the cat's behavior is highly insterseing.On the cat's care I didn't even know most of them.There both funddamental for you and them your cat. "Cat,a beautiful mammal,is a easy pet to keep."