Performing Arts Dinner Success!

Thank you to DEB and Beltline Cafe!!!

Over $3000 Raised!

It is with extreme gratitude and thanksgiving that we extend a huge, heartfelt 'THANK YOU' to Deb and the staff of Beltline Cafe for our very successful fundraiser dinner on Sunday, March 17. Not only did they coordinate, donate, prepare and serve all of the food on Sunday, they also created 11 of the 13 Raffle baskets that we offered at the dinner. Amazing!!!

Here are the final totals:

  • Dinner Ticket Sales and Donations: $2296
  • Raffle Package Donations: $785
  • TOTAL PROFIT: $3081!

These proceeds will be shared between the Aquin Choir and Theater Departments.

Many thanks also to the parents and students of these departments for helping serve food, clear tables, sell raffle tickets and clean up after the event. Many hands made for light and enjoyable work.

Please click here to visit Smugmug for photos of the evening.

Raffle Package Winners

We offered 13 packages with 'Buy It Now' or Raffle chances to win. Again, Deb Donselman of Beltline arranged 11 of those 13 packages which in total, brought in $785. We are EXTREMELY grateful to all the donors who contributed to Deb and (hopefully) have them all listed correctly below. We apologize if we miss listing anyone!
  1. Bath and Body Products (donor: Beltline): sold as 'Buy It Now'
  2. Stay at Home Movie Night (donor: Beltline): Winner--Pete Van Horn
  3. Hair and Body Products (donor: Beltline and Mel Scheulling): Winner--Tara Theisen
  4. Highland Shirts (donor: Highland Athletics via Beltline): Winner--Wenzel Family
  5. Thirty-One Insulated Lunch Bag with accessories (donor: Toni Cummins via Beltline): Winner-- sold as 'Buy It Now' to Liz Carter
  6. Aquin Spirit Bag with Hats and Frisbee (donor: Aquin): sold as 'Buy It Now' to Pete Van Horn
  7. Pie-a-Month for a Year (donor: Beltline): Winner--Skip Lehnhard
  8. Spring Flowers Basket (donor: Beltline): Winner--Carol Fluegel
  9. Day Off of Cooking (donor: Beltline and Saporitos): sold as 'Buy It Now'
  10. Musical Cookie Platter (donor: Andrea Ege via Beltline): Winner--Wenzel Family
  11. Wine with Insulated Thirty-One Bag (donor: Beltline): Winner--Karen Schiffman
  12. Spaghetti Dinner (donor: Beltline): sold as 'Buy It Now' to Liz Carter
  13. Airbonne Fitness Package (donor: Shannon Wenzel): sold as 'Buy It Now' to Terry Miller

Thank you to all who contributed, donated or attended this event and helped make it so successful!