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~ For Everitt Families: August 13, 2021

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Dear Everitt Families:

It has been absolutely wonderful to be back together as a staff this week! We are incredibly grateful to Wheat Ridge High School for their hospitality this week. They made us feel at home on the farm and allowed us to share their building while ours is under construction. We are so lucky to be in community with them!

Some of our teachers were able to move into the school building today! We, like many of you, were impacted by the materials shortages across the nation. While there are a few things that will still need to be completed in the building in the next couple of months, it is looking so beautiful and we can't wait to share it with you and with our students. Today, teachers are finally able to get into their new classrooms and begin preparing the spaces for your children. Because we placed a top priority on having classrooms ready for school to start, we aren't yet able to move into the office area so please be patient with us while we get things in order. This is why registration is so simplified this year. We promise to make up for it with Back to School Night!

In my introduction to the staff this year, I talked about something I learned from my friend Joel last week. Joel told me that, when you are mountain biking, it's important not to focus on the rocks. If you're looking at a rock, you'll hit it. He says mountain bikers pick their path, or line, and stay focused on that. That's been a good analogy for us this week and I hope it helps you, too. There are going to be rocks along the path this year, like the materials shortages that slowed down the remodel of our school, but we've picked our path and are ready for an amazing ride. We're glad to be doing this ride with all of you!

Below you will find information about Back to School Night, orientation, and the first days of school. If you have any questions, please reach out. Thank you for believing in your neighborhood school and entrusting us with your children. Let's ride!

See you soon!


Amanda Pouliot, Interim Principal

Everitt Middle School




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Teachers Learning Together

Moving in!

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Connection and up-to-date information available here for all Everitt Families and Staff.

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Important Updates Here!-- Please Save these Dates!

**Tues 8/17** UPDATE! ~ Back to School Night 5:30-7:30 pm

Tue 8/17 ~ 1st Day of School for all students new to Everitt: (ALL incoming 6th graders, 7th Graders who were 100% Remote last year, and 7th and 8th graders new to Everitt) -- More details below!

Wed 8/18 ~ 1st Day of School for all students

Wed 8/25 ~ School Picture Day

Wed 9/1 ~ PTA Mtg (6:30); SAC Mtg (7:30)

Thurs 9/2 ~ Late Start for Students (PLCs for teachers)

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School Supply List

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Orientation Day ~ Tuesday, August 17th

Who: ALL 6th graders, 7th graders who learned remotely last year, and 7th and 8th graders new to Everitt

What: Orientation Day -- Students will learn how to:

  • open their locker
  • find their way around the school
  • organize their materials
  • read their schedule, check their grades and keep track of assignments
  • be successful at Everitt
  • eat lunch in the cafeteria
  • follow their schedule
  • work as a team with their crew

Why: To help every student feel welcome and ready to start school!

When: Tuesday, August 17th from 7:21 am - 2:25 pm


  • Where should I drop my child off? The buses drop students off on the north side of the school (toward the tennis courts). Parent drop off is on the west side of the school. There will be staff members to help you!
  • Can I get out of my car and walk my student to the door? Sure! I'm a sucker for a good first day of school photo! We will be having students enter through the south doors on orientation day.
  • How will my child know where to go? All staff members will be in the hallways helping students find their classes during the first week of school.
  • Should my child bring all of their school supplies on the first day? Yes! They will have an opportunity to drop off supplies in the correct classrooms and put things in their lockers.
  • What if my child struggles to open their locker? We will have several staff members teaching students how to open lockers and helping them if they're struggling. And they will struggle...every single one of them. No problem! We are locker experts!
  • Where should I pick my child up? You have a few options. You can enter our parking lot off of Kipling and drive around the loop to the west side of the building. I also hear from reliable sources that there are locations on Independence that are wonderful for student pick up and allow you to avoid the car line. Just let your child know where to meet you.

Our staff will be wearing Everitt gear to show our Everitt pride. If your child would like to join in the fun, they can wear a blue or yellow t-shirt or an Everitt shirt if they have one!

We know that 7th graders who were hybrid last year need to learn to use lockers, too! We will teach them to use their lockers on the first day of school for all students, August 18th.

Back to School Night ~ August 17, 2021

We would love to have you join us for Back to School Night from 5:30-7:30 pm on Tuesday, August 17th.

Back to School Night will look a little different this year. Join us on the west side of our building for a fun night of music, hot dogs, and getting to know the Everitt staff and other Everitt families. The Everitt PTA has invited food carts to come, too, if you'd like to purchase dinner for your family. The PTA will also be providing dessert for all!

Each teacher, counselor, and service provider will have a table. Tables will be organized by team. You will get a chance to meet each of your child's teachers, their grade level administrator, their counselor, and the other important adults that they will work with this year. You will learn about how to help your child be successful in each class and have a chance to chat a bit with your child's teachers.

When you arrive, you will receive a BINGO card. If you can complete your BINGO card, you will get a prize. Your BINGO card will include:

  • Meeting your child's teachers

  • Meeting your child's grade level administrator

  • Meeting your child's counselor

  • Meeting the principal

  • Touring the building

  • Getting digitally ready with Ms. Ferraro

  • Getting a hotdog from the dean of culture

  • And other things

All visitors must wear masks in Jeffco buildings but you are not required to wear a mask outside. Please bring a mask if you are planning on taking a tour of the building.


We are excited to welcome these new staff members:

  • Josh Davis will be joining our 6th grade blue team as a language arts teacher.

  • Mary Johnston will be joining our 7th grade gold team as an language arts teacher and will also teach one 6th grade language arts class. Kristin Colonna is moving to our 6th grade gold team and will continue to teach our Outdoor Lab elective.

  • Kayla Newman is our new DHH teacher.

  • Celine Hundt will be teaching our sheltered language arts and math classes.

Middle School Sports Program

Everitt students can play sports for Everitt through the Middle School Sports Program run by the Wheat Ridge Recreation Center! Use this link to sign up to play volleyball or to run cross country this fall!

Middle School Sports Program

Carnation Festival!

Come represent Everitt at the Carnation Festival - parents, students, and families are welcome! The parade will be from 9:30-11:30 am on Saturday, August 14th. Our staging area is at the corner of Depew and 38th Street. Join us at 8:30, wear your blue and yellow, and come walk with us! If you'd like to come watch the parade, the parade route is on 38th Avenue between Ames and Upham Streets.

2021-2022 Bell Schedule

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We are looking for some wonderful paraprofessionals to work with our students. Interested? Please call Debbie Dardano in the main office and she can help you apply.
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Everitt Middle School

With foundations of equity and excellence, Everitt empowers and inspires our students as individuals, lifelong learners, and creative critical thinkers to engage in authentic learning and contribute meaningfully to their communities and their world.