Music Education is a Must!

Cut budgets, but never music!


I hope to persuade people that music education is important to the overall development of all children, and that it should be offered as a course in schools from grades K-12.
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NonFiction Book

Field, Shelly. "Secondary School Music Teacher." Career Opportunities in the Music Industry. 6th ed. New York: Ferguson, 2010. 214-16. Print.


The section in this book I'm citing explains in detail how to become a high school music teacher. It's purpose is to inform people about how to become music teachers which makes it relevant to my topic and purpose because although published 6 years ago, if music education is to continue, there have to be qualified teachers involved. In order to persuade my audience, I'll have to inform them to some degree for them to understand the topic. Also, the author Shelly Field is a nationally recognized career expert, personal life and career coach, and has published more than 45 best selling books on business and career choice, which definitely qualifies her as an expert.


"The Importance of Music Education." VH1 Save the Music Foundation. VH1, 2013. Web. 15 Nov. 2016. <>.


VH1 is a 501c3 nonprofit organization dedicated to restoring music programs in America's public schools, and raising awareness of the importance of music as part of a complete education. I'm a little concerned with the 2013 copyright date, but when I consider the 8 pages of cited research on the benefits of music education found in the "Read More..." link, I have to rate this site credible. This site is relevant to my project and purpose mostly because of the strength of the research behind their claims and the strong argument made for music education.


Very current (April 2015) article from a professional education journal, ‘Education Week’. It explains how Nashville TN, a city rich with music resources and programs helped Anaheim CA bring music education back to public schools 20 years after its removal. The content will serve as strong support for the argument that even economically challenged cities can find ways to fund music education, which is exactly what I am trying to persuade my audience to realize.