Living on Mars

By:Shirwa Hassan

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Temperature Range

I would use solar panels for energy to heat up the domes. The higher temperature in mars is 20 degree c so it ok but when it the lowest it is -153 degree which will be too cold.


The gravity of mars is 3.711 m/s less then Earth but is enough to stand on even walk or run. I would use special boot just when someone goes outside.


mars surface is rocky like earth and under the surface there is ocean. I would use the sand on mars to build home's and farms.

Amount of Light

The amount of light is enough to reach mars for charging the solar panels. we can use the power to heat up Dome and plants.

Legth of Day

The length of the day is 1day 0hour and 40 Min. Mars length day is higher then earth.

Length of Year

The length of the year is 687 day. The year in mars is longer then planet Earth.


The air on mars is not breathable you can die quickly so I would use mask, suit or maybe live underground without going outside. There would be delivery's from earth to mars for needed supplements.

Avaiblable Resouces

There would be water on mars already frozen ice water. We could filter the water and check if it's fresh to drink.