Pacific waters

Save the world with no pollution

Join our community !

In the year 2090 the earth had too much pollution. The people on earth were dying so we decided to live under water. We made a town called Pacific Waters. We live deep deep under water so no one is dying of the pollution.

Pacific waters

Thursday, May 18th 2090 at 11:45pm

Hawaii, United States, in the water

A beautiful life under water were everyone is joyful. When you arrive in our community you will be given a room in our sea hotel, a dolphin to ride, a uniform, and an oxygen mask. To fill your oxygen mask there will be air machines all around our community. We will explain all important information about our community when you arrive.

List of laws

If you join our society, please know that :

  1. No war, everyone needs to be in peace
  2. You can only drive a dolphin if you have a dolphin license
  3. everyone needs to live in our sea hotel
  4. everyone needs to wear the same uniform
  5. everyone needs to respect the enviroment (ex:no killing animals, no pollution...)