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1st line support technician at A Bet A Technology

A Bet A Technology, Alton GU34. 1st line support technician.

The role of this job is to provide first line support for customers who phone or email requesting helpdesk or technical support.

A main specific attribute required for this is having knowledge of networks and windows operating systems. This is a specific attribute because its very relevant to the actual IT part of the job itself.

Having the knowledge of this is valued by the employer as its shows that you know how to handle certain computer operating systems which is vital for this job.

An important general skill for this job is having the ability to prioritise issues. This is valued by the employer because its an excellent skill to have as they know if you have a few issues to sort out then you will be aware of which one is more important and urgent than the others. This is good for the company as important work will be completed right away.

An important and effective attitude or soft skill to have is having a friendly and engaging telephone manner. Having this attitude is great as being a first line support technician you will be on the phone talking to customers often. Being able to engage the customer in a friendly manner is valued because you will be the first person they talk to when they call the phone and being friendly and polite it will make the customer feel easier to discuss their problem with you.

Network engineer at Forcepoint

The network engineer role will perform enterprise network and server configurations, monitoring and maintenance.

In terms of specific skills, having excellent oral and written verbal skills is valued by the employer. This because as a network engineer you will have to provide documentation of projects and installations usually written on paper. Having good writing skills is necessary here as other members of staff will be looking at the documentation and it will look unprofessional if it has spelling and grammar mistakes all over it.

Having the flexibility to work independently and in a team is a good general skill as in most work places their will be times where you will have to work as a team with other colleagues to achieve something. However showing that you can easily work independently also is valued a lot, showing that you are flexible in the work place.

The network engineer role is an important one in most companies. being able to work under pressure is a must due to the fact that you will be relied on to fix the network as fast as possible preventing impact to the wider business. This is a fast evolving role also. Advances in technology such as software defined networking and network functions virtualisation, alongside new delivery approaches such as devops, means there are a range of new skills needed for the role.

Having a strong knowledge in areas like network design is vital as you will be able to implement LAN and WAN interfacing, virtual servers and understand TCP/IP.