November 2021 - The More You Know


Important Dates!

Nov. 3rd: ASVAB test for any student interested in a career in the military

Nov. 3rd: Youth Risk Behavior Survey administration

Nov. 3rd: Northern Vermont University college visit @ 12:00 in the Conference Room

Nov. 6th: Vermont Technical College Williston Campus Open House. Register here

Nov. 7th: NEACAC Fall Virtual College Fair, 1:00-3:00pm. Register here

Nov. 10th: VSAC Forms Day (Round 2) From 10-12:00 in the Conference Room Register here

Nov. 13th: Vermont Technical College Randolph Campus Info Session. Register here

Nov. 14th: Sterling College Virtual Open House, 11:00-3:00. Register here

Nov. 17th: Vermont Technical College Visit to specific programs then 11:30 in the Conference Room for anyone else who has questions!

Nov. 22-26th: VACATION!
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CTE Student Leadership Committee is hard at work!

CTE has a very active Student Leadership Committee (SLC) and we would like to thank them for their thoughtful input on helping develop our CTE Mission Statement! After weeks of meetings with Administration discussing "the meaning of words" and how words portray a message, our student leaders proposed this CTE Mission Statement:

The Center for Technology, Essex is a diverse community of learners who believe that the dynamic integration of rigorous academic and technical instruction will prepare students for success in a wide array of careers and postsecondary endeavors. We actively and purposefully strive to provide an equitable and safe learning environment. We ensure the personal, academic and technical growth of all students.

CTE also has a very strong Parent/Alumni Advisory Committee that met in October and reviewed the Mission Statement developed by our Student Leadership Committee. If you are a parent, alumni, or community member and would like to collaborate with CTE, please contact Chris Chase at

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Career Focused Webinars!

In honor of Career Development Month, the American School Counselor Association has prepared a series of webinars throughout November focused on career related issues and careers students should know about. You can learn more and register here:

Seniors: need help filling out financial aid forms? VSAC is here to help (so are your CTE Counselors)!

*Schedule an individual (or family) meeting with someone from VSAC! They can help walk you through the process. You will need your and your parents 2020 tax returns and social security numbers.

*Navigate it more independently through watching this video and/or accessing these resources to help guide your way through FAFSA completion.

*Meet with your CTE school counselor - we can get you started and answer some basic questions but the VSAC folks are the experts :)

asking for letters of recommendation--a few helpful tips!

Whether you are applying for a job or to college, you will be asked to provide letters of recommendation--speaking on your behalf and who you are as a person.

  • Who should I ask? Ask someone who knows your character, work ethic, and can speak to your skills. Ideally, this is someone who has known you for a while or a current program or academic teacher.

  • When should I ask? Give yourself and the person you are asking plenty of time (2-3 weeks at the least). If you wait too long, the person you are asking for a recommendation may not have time to complete it. The person you are asking may also need more information and insight into your extracurriculars, community service and volunteer work, and employment history, so be prepared for them to ask you to complete a letter of recommendation request form.

  • How should I ask? Talk to each individual directly. Include why you need the letter, what you are hoping to pursue, and requested due date. Ask the person if they need any additional information about your skills or educational/employment history.

  • What should I do after I receive my letter of recommendation? Send a written thank you letter to each person who wrote a letter for you. Sending your appreciation is a common courtesy and speaks volumes!

How can I get a Scholarship?!

  • VSAC’s scholarships booklet: This booklet contains information on more than 140 scholarships available to Vermont residents—and is updated each fall. The VSAC scholarship booklet contains both VSAC-assisted scholarships and scholarships administered directly by the group that sponsors the scholarship.

  • Local sources: Talk to your high school counselor, local librarian, local business owners and club representatives, and town officials. Be sure to speak with your parents about organizations or clubs they belong to or ask if their employer sponsors a scholarship.
  • Your college or university: Look on the college’s website or call the admissions office to ask about possible scholarships.
  • Veteran and military organizations: Both the federal government and nonprofit organizations offer money for college to veterans, future military personnel, active duty personnel, or those related to veterans or active duty personnel. To learn more, visit and search for “military scholarships.”
  • On the web:
    • Bigfuture® by The College Board: Find scholarships, other financial aid, and internships—from more than 2,200 programs, totaling nearly $6 billion.
    • Fastweb®: Find scholarships that match your strengths, interests, and skills—from more than 1.5 million scholarships, totaling $3.4 billion.
    • Cappex®: Fill out a free profile to discover which scholarships match you best.

Information provided by VSAC

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CTE School Counseling Coordinators

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Instagram: CounselorsofCTE

Admissions Questions? Contact -

Lindsay Ackley: - Building, Cosmetology, Dental, Health Info, Natural, Pre-Tech 1, 3 & 4

Emmy Charron: - Auto, Childhood Ed, CAWD, CST, DCM, Engineering, Pro Foods, Pre-Tech 2 & 5

Chris Chase: - Sending School & Community Relations Coordinator

The Center for Technology, Essex does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national

origin, sex, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, marital status, or age in its programs or

activities. The following person has been designated to handle inquiries regarding the

nondiscrimination policies: Bob Travers, Director

2 Educational Drive Suite 200 Essex Junction, VT 05452