Welcome to Canada!

By:Anjani p .8C

Some Immigrant info: (Continued from the presentation)


As new permanent residents, immigrants become consumers of Canadian public services, such as health care, education, and welfare. They contribute to those services through their taxes. A recent study by Herbert Grubel and Patrick Grady say that immigrants impose a burden of about $6,000 each by consuming more in services than they pay in taxes. Immigrants have tended to earn less than the normal population.

Canada immigrants pros

When immigrants come to Canada, they not only fill gaps in the work force but pay taxes and spend money on housing, transport and consumer goods. Productive capacity increases and there is a ripple effect across the economy. And studies show that their offspring tend to be among the country's best-educated and initiative-taking young people.

These are some immigrants from all around the world telling us why and what made them come to Canada.


Don't be scared and don't be nervous even though your leaving to go to another country you will always find something/someone here in Canada that will help you settle down and provide you with goods and services. So please come and visit the Cold Canada!