By:Valarie Cornier

The Culture of 1970's

Early in the 1970's fashion scene was very similar to the 1969. But fashion in the 1970's was trendy like they would wear one color.

Men and women alike were wearing tight long pants because they thought it was more popular back then. Girls were also wearing high low cut boots.

Fashion in the 1970's was all about trends so if men would not wear bell bottoms they would be embarrassed to wear anything else because for men that was very popular.

For women, skirts ranged from extremely long to drastically short fabrics were bright and they were boldly colored in different pattern.

The main thing people would wear were platform shoes, hug bell bottom flares, or short ting disco-inspired hot pants.

Women also flouted there new-found freedom by wearing traditional male clothing like baggy trousers, mens jacket, vests, over sized shirts, ties and shirts.

For men this meant wide colorful ties and bright and fitted shirts with collars . Many men grew short beards, sideburns or mustaches and let there hair grow.

Popular disco clothing was usually warn only at nights. They would use fabrics like lycra and pandex. The popular disco clothing was short hot pants, baby suit, and towering platform shoes witch were very popular on disco day.