Student Showcase Presentation Day

Making Technology Easier for Sinaloa's Students

It's Almost Here!

Public presentation plays an important role in our project based learning unit and allows our class to communicate our ideas with the outside world. We invite you, our family, friends, and professionals to be our audience and panel members as we present our learning.

"How Can We as 6th Graders, Make Using Technology Easier for Sinaloa Students?"

Presentation Day

Monday, June 6th, 8:15am

2045 Vineyard Road

Novato, CA

Each student group will prepare a four to five minute presentation which will include their public service announcement (PSA). After their presentation, audience members and panelists are encouraged to ask each group questions.

Questions can be about:

  • the planning process
  • group interactions
  • how they learned
  • what they would do differently if they did this project again
  • what they will do differently on the next project
  • what is something they would change if they had more time

Please RSVP by Thursday, June 2 so that we can prepare accordingly. Thank you.

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

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