Chinese school of thoughts

Lauren Chassee


  • this philosophy was founded by Hanfeizi who thought the nature of man is evil, and that greed was the motive.
  • had strict laws and harsh punishment to achieve order
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  • This philosophy was founded by the philosopher Daoism
  • this philosophy sought to live in harmony with nature
  • rejected the conflict and emphasized the virtue of yielding, like water
  • Government was considered the cause of many conflicts and unnatural
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  • This philosophy was founded by Confucius
  • Confucius thought harmony came when people accepted there place in society, and had five relationships: father to son, ruler to subject, husband to wife, elder brother to younger brother, and friend to friend
  • Confucius believed filial piety, which is the respect for your parents, above any other duties
  • Confucius values include honesty, hard work, and selflessness, etc
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  • The founder of Buddhism was Siddhartha Gautama or Buddha
Buddhism had the four noble truths which is 4 things that are taught and lived by
  • Buddhist believed that one must reach enlightenment
  • in order to reach enlightenment one must go by the eight fold path, the steps include right knowledge, purpose, speech, action, living, effort, mindfulness, and meditation
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