Naturalization Process

by: Evelyn Garcia

Eligibility & Completing application


18 years of age

Permanent resident for 5 years or more.

good record

how to complete application:

-Complete the application

-need at least 2 photographs of yourself that are acceptable by immigration services.

-have all documents that are needed and send the application, documents, and fees to the appropriate place.

Fingerprint & Interview and Test

USCIS will get back to you for fingerprint appointment

go to the location given to you for your appointment & fingerprint will be taken

mail any requested documents

interview & test:

you will receive an appointment for your interview, be there on time with an identification card, questions asked about application and background, test your civics and english knowledge, wait to receive the decision they made.

Oath of Allegiance

get notified about date of ceremony

appear on time & you must turn in your permanent resident card

you will have to answer questions on your activities since your interview

take the Oath of allegiance