by:Justin T.

What is it

.what is space tourism:space tourism is someone who would visit space and look at the different things in space it`s slimier to taking a vacation or going out of town but in this case your going to space!

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.spacetourism is not something you can sign up for you have to train for it and it cost alot of money to do and a year of training its thirty million how many days of training you might need or at least a good trip is about 2-3 weeks and a week of traning is thirty million that is alot
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.Someone that is looking forward to space tourism is Dennis Tito he says "he hope his idea is a huge success he hopes he can send his first tourist 2017!
the differences between a space tourist and a astronaut is a astronaut would go on the moon the different planets and t hey are doing missions a space tourist is looking around going around space
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