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Friday, December 11, 2015

Week - At - A - Glance

Well, it sure doesn't feel like winter...yet, but next week is our last week before winter break (and it's supposed to get chilly)! This week we will review our quarter learning goals and take our post-tests for the quarter. We will try to make it as enjoyable as post-tests can be. We will squeeze in some fun-filled reading and writing this week, too. In math, we are learning about factors, multiples, and patterns. This allows us to revisit multiplication and continue working on division.

Wow! We did a ton this week. I'm sure you have heard the kiddos talking about their pioneer fates this week. We had 2 wagon trains that survived the harsh conditions, injuries, accidents, and distance. We had 2 wagon trains that were so close, and just didn't make it. Seriously, the reactions of the kids cheering was priceless. Unfortunately, it was just as devastating to those who didn't make it (and my heart breaks for them when they get upset). From this unit, kids should be able to tell you that Missouri was the largest starting point for the pioneers. Missouri was important because of our trading posts and starting points to the west. They can tell you about the difficulties pioneers faces, the advantages and disadvantages for traveling in groups, and the reason pioneers would risk their lives to move. We did a great deal of writing throughout this unit, and I will return the journals after break. Now the kids are asking what we get to learn about next; it is so fun to see the excitement to learn!

This week we will have our winter party on Friday at 2:05pm. Thank you Angela Price for planning!!


Important Dates

December Events & Activities:

Dec 2 - CiCi's night

Dec 3 - 4th grade Music Concert @ 5:30pm

Dec 8 - PTA Exec Board Meeting

Dec 10 - All Pro Dad's @ 7:10 - LGIR

Dec 10 - K Music Program @ 2pm

Dec 18 - Sing-A-Long @ 1:45pm

Dec 18 - Winter Party @ 2:05pm

1 semester ends!

Dec 21 - Winter Break Begins

See you in January 2016

January Events & Activities:

Jan 4 - No School

Jan 5 - School resumes

Jan 6 - CiCi's Night 4:30 - 8pm

Jan 6 - Classroom Group pictures

Jan 1 2 - PTA General Meeting @ 7pm

Jan 14 - All Pro Dad's @ 7:10am - LGIR

Jan 18 - No School - MLK day